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What kind of dog (counting mixes and mutts) gets your vote as the champion of dogs?

Answers (216)

  • Corgi's!!!!! Those are the most cutest dogs in the world!! They are like the Hobbits of the dog world. I love their huge ears and stumpy legs. I actually almost could have gotten one in MO if I was more persistant with my parents to let me get her. Here in CA they run like 1200+ dollars....in MO she was on sale (how weird is that by the way?) for $400!!! SO FREAKIN' CLOSE.

    One day I will own a Corgi. For a girl it's name would be Harley Quinn and for a boy it's name would be Axel.
  • The neatest dog I've ever had was a Catahoula from Louisiana. Sambo was the sweetest-natured dog I've ever seen and had the most personality! He pranced about the yard looking like minature Tennessee walker. If I had a fenced-in yard, I'd get myself another Catahoula. Problem is, I don't and I live on a very busy street in an area with a leash law. The neatest dog I've ever seen one of my friends own, was a rescued greyhound named Flutterbye. Flutter came from the rescue center calm, gentle, and housebroken; the perfect house dog in spite of her size. She patiently endured baths and flea dips and the hero worship of the neighbor's beagle without complaint. Flutter bonded with my friend's husband and later grieved herself to death when he died of a sudden heart attack.
  • The wolf, of course. The wolf is smart and he knows how to survive. And if you respect the wolf, he can be a lifetime companion, warning you of danger when it approaches or leading the way to safety when you find yourself lost in the wilderness. And he is a powerful companion in dreams and visions, as I have experienced for myself on more than one occasion. The trick is to show respect, but keep your gaze low...and show no fear.
  • My heart belongs to Kodi so wolves and wolf-dogs will always be tops. But our dear sweet Tosha is right up there with him as the sweetest and most courageous Siberian Husky in the world.
  • Siberian Husky
  • Black Labs are my favorite i have Italian Greyhound and he used to be a champion show dog before i adopted him.
  • I adore Schnauzers--intelligent, quick-witted and affectionate, plus they barely shed their coats and so they would win my vote. Poodles would be a very close second. Cockerpoos and labradoodles a very close third.
  • A Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
  • I am bias. I would have to say the Doberman. She is loyal, knows her space and stays within it and she is a good dog for all ages.

  • I personally love the sighthounds.. I have always wanted a greyhound. Always. I love their sleek lines and deep chests. Borzoi's and afghans are so beautiful.. Over the years I have also acquired a love of the bull breeds and think that they are completely misunderstood.. One breed that I recently discovered and LOVE is the Irish Water Spaniel.. very cool pup! Watching them in the water is an amazing thing.. that tail is like a rudder.. Trying to choose one is simply impossible!! after all, there are amazing qualities in even the average mutt!
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