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Writer's Block

Gone but Not Forgotten

Many beloved television shows are no longer with us, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Six Feet Under, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. What defunct television show do you miss the most?

Answers (269)

  • I miss FireFly and Dollhouse. I miss good anime too. Most of what's on now is crap.

  • Punky Brewster, He-Man, She-ra, Transformers and GI Joe
  • Quite a few, actually- most of them old Nickelodeon shows from the 90's.
    1) Hey Arnold!
    2) CatDog
    3) All That
    4) Cousin Skeeter
    5) Kenan and Kel
    6) Legends of the Hidden Temple
    7) Friends
    8) Dinosaurs

  • -Firefly: Great show that wasn't even given a chance.
    -Pushing Daisies: How dare you ABC to cancel one of the most unique shows of the year. And for canceling it on such a crappy note. ABC can just go in a corner and DIE.
    -Veronica Mars: A friend of mine recently introduced (more like forced) me to this show.....I wish they would have continued on.
    -Teen Titans: I was just really sad when they stopped.
    -Avatar: I want an Epilogue....There were still some unanswered questions....like ZUKO'S MOM!!! Hello...you can't Zuko ask his father about her, then not resolve it. MORE AVATAR PLEASE!!!
  • I miss Welcome Back Kotter. Grace Under Fire. Alice. Leave It To Beaver. M.A.S.H. Laverne and Shirley.
  • Ah Mystery Science Theatre 3000.
    I LOVED that show, it always made me laugh.

  • Interestingly, my brother who is 51 thought Buffy was a great show and he watched it regularly. I tend to watch movies more than shows. I hate commercials every six minutes. Horrid. What ever happened to Cable being Ad free? !!!
  • Buffy no doubt, and all the friendships that came out of that show for me...Sometimes I really feel lonely....
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