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AIDS Awareness

It's the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day today. From clean needles to safe sex, the fight against AIDS has touched everyone's life. How has it affected yours?

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  • It introduced me to amazing stories of hope and inspiration, like Bingo the AIDS monkey and Bruceina the Zambian Stewardess. It created such half useful bits of semi-wisdom like "always use protection". I think that advice is good if you're speaking about a Colt 45 handgun or a semiautomatic, but condoms are notoriously faulty, even when not being stored on store shelves way past their expiration date, being stored in wallets past their expiration date, and factory workers not poking holes in them. It gave me one more reason why sex is to be avoided if possible.
  • my dad is a heroine addict. he got aids. i don't really care. he's the asshole that decided to use the fucking drugs anyway.

    i feel bad for anyone else just not my asshole of a father.

  • l guess with ESTEBAN YAN in Japan, and me in the US, it can't get more safe than that. l L0VE ESTEBAN LUlS YAN!!!
  • Actually AIDs hasn't affected my life. No one in my family has it or HIV and none of my friends have it. No one I know has it. So ummm yea...It doesn't really affect me. I am aware of it and am careful and get tested...well in general I end up having to get tested almost every six months because of how often I have changed health insurance companies.
  • So, I saw this and it made me think of something that happened maybe 7 or 8 years ago. My brother and I both have hemophilia, so my family is very close to the hemophilia community in Seattle, WA. Our nurse is considered part of the family; she's wonderful. Well, back in the day we hung around here sister and nephews a lot because of how close we all were. Both the nephews had severe hemophilia, and both had AIDS from back in the 80s when the blood was tainted. You see, in th 80s hemophilia was treated with a clotting factor that was made from blood proteins, so when the blood was tainted and the nephews were getting treated, they became infected. Anyways, about 7 or 8 years ago, we got a call from our nurse; one of the nephews had died from AIDS. I was really young when it happened (10 or 11 years old, maybe) and basically what I understood was that he died from bad blood. The nephews were extremely close and watching the surviving one suffer after losing his best friend was so painful. So that's my experience with being around AIDS...
  • Изучая всякое дух. учение, Вы сможете узнать кажущиеся парадоксальными вещи, "захватывающие дух"! И о том, что у всего есть причины и следствия,- нет нерешаемых задач, неизлечимых болезней; впрочем, по вере воздается! Мы сами творим свою реальность ожиданием,мечтой и страхом, выбором эмоций, намерений, дел и слов, Любовью к Жизни, себе как части Её, Духа! По СПИДу и раку я написал в начале блога, возьмите кому нужно. Ещё момент: бороться с чем угодно =усиливать проблему!
  • It hahsn't affected me at all. I'll admin I'm scared of what some sick people do, leaving infected needles in change slots and sticking out of chairs. It's really discusting.
  • well, first of all I don't believe that there is a thing called "safe sex".  Before you jump the gun let me explain.  Condoms aren't always 100% safe because there are tiny holes in condoms and std and aid can get though the hole and you got something.  the safest sex is no sex at all.  don't get me wrong i do have sex but everybody i've had sex with went and got tested to prove that they don't have anything and even then they still have to have a condom.  when it comes to needles they have to be opened right out the package they come in right in front of me or they wont be stuck in me.

  • I have a calling to help the people of Africa that are suffering from AIDS.  I want to help people that are infected with the virus, I want to help the people who have family members that have AIDS or have died from the virus and I espically want to help all of the orphan children.  I'm currently working on a goal to go on a mission trip to Africa.  I'm looking forward to helping out as much as I can.   
  • From October of 2006 to June of this year, I worked as a secretary and Spanish-language interpreter for the HIV/AIDS program at my local health department. Part of my job as a secretary was assembling various general mailings concerning World AIDS day and other events geared towards AIDS awareness. So I guess HIV/AIDS has affected me in that way, since I don't have it and don't know anybody outside of the clients at the health department who does have it.
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