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Writer's Block

Oh, but it’s cold outside!

"Oh, but it's cold outside!" It's a fact of life that the economic climate is a bit chilly this holiday season. Is that affecting how you're doing your holiday shopping?

Answers (158)

  • When it's cold out i just say we could go out. and why not naked. I try to wear my loincloth every where i go, even if that means facing the elements.
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  • not really. i'm just glad we have this whole global warming thing going on. what would the temp be like in los angeles without it this time of year? 30? 27? geezuz! we'd be freezing our collective asses off right about now! .
  • I suppose it is affecting things a little, but the last few years have not been that good to me financially.  So this year will be much like the last couple.
  • Nope. I'm getting my sister a new mirror, my parents $10 each and who knows what I'm getting my brothers. LMAO >.<
  • In a roundabout way, yes. Thanks to job difficulties that ate our savings as well as increased bills for things like heat and groceries, we have to really cut back the Christmas budget. However, I do not believe that it's right to not give friends and family any present at all. After all, these are the people I care most about and I want to give them some token of my affection. So I'll be doing a lot more handmade gifts this year instead of storebought ones.
  • i hate you best buy, i really do. compusa was so much cheaper and the circuit city store next to yours on 5th ave looks five times as good. the a/c unit you sold me this summer didn't even work and i carried that damn thing all the way home and i paid for a cab so i could return it. i don't know why you're the electronics store left standing. it's just sad really.
  • I'd have to agree with Marielle. Quite frankly, I've never known an economically warm Christmas. And I don't mind it that way. I remember when were kids, Mom and Dad would give us a shopping list of who to buy for and $1 (or sometimes more) for every person on that list and take us to the dollar store. It was actually a lot of fun, and everyone loved the gifts we picked out. I recall thinking that the champagne flutes were especially nice and that anyone we bought them for would treasure them forever. A lot of people got dollar store champagne flutes over the years... :)

    I like warming up with the love of dear ones better anyway. That and a great cup of chai or tea. As long as I put my heart into the gift, I've never seen a disappointed face at Christmas.

    And that's really the way I like my Christmases to be. Heartfelt and Spirited. I truly hate the commercialism that has taken over and I hope that maybe this "chill" will break society away from that a little bit more.
  • I live in Alaska. I have no choice but to bare it. Get it!? BARE it!?!?! hyuk hyuk
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