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Thanksgiving is almost here in the U.S., heralding the start of the holiday season and the first of many meals where you might be confronted with a traditional dish that you happen to find disgusting. What holiday food do you hate to see on the table?

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  • There's a lot of herring being served here at Christmas, and I'm bad with pickled-ish stuff in the first place (if it's not red beets, and it's pickled, take it elsewhere, plz), but the worst has to be Janssons Frestelse (roughly translated "Jansson's Temptation", it's this potatoes au gratain-type dish with herring added in) because it's a complete waste of good potatoes. I totally wish I could have traditional US Thanksgiving food rather than some of the stuff we put on the table at Christmas. :( Yeah, I admit, I can be a pretty darn picky eater. -Alexandra
  • The reason why I am writing about this archived Writer's Block of the day question or topic is because this is an issue that I deal with on Thanksgiving and Christmas.


    There is nothing appealing about salty soggy bread that kind of tastes like turkey fat.  In fact, if you were to put stuffing in and on the toilet, it would look like someone barfed.

    Every year I have had to find some way to weasel out of eating this.  Nonetheless, this has usually ended up with the stuffing-maker asking me if I had some, to which my response is always, "No.  I don't like stuffing."  And every year, this person, whomever it may be, is always offended.

    In the past, when I used to worry about being nice in cases like this, some of my tactics to avoid eating stuffing without offending anyone include the following:
    -Hiding while dinner is served.  This was primarily done as a kid, and this never worked.
    -Hiding it in a napkin.  This always worked.
    -At some point, Thanksgiving became like a buffet where everyone got their own food.  This generally worked until the aforementioned stuffing-maker asked me if I liked it.

    This year was the buffet scenario.

  • The dreaded, gloopy, disgusting green bean casserole.
    I actually like all the ingredients individually, but together they're so gross.

  • Cheese cake..... I fucking hate cheese cake
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  • Who makes Sweat Potatos with Marshmellows? And who's the asswhole who thought it was a great idea to put MARSHMELLOWS in Brwon suger melt it and then put it in the double stuffed potatos. If someone shows up with them at my house for a pot luck they are out in the cold.
  • I always go to my aunt and uncle's house, and he likes mashed turnips. Barfffff!
  • Pumpkin Pie (unless is Pumpkin Turtle Pie...it's yummy!) and candied yams. I don't really like canned cranberry sauce, either.
  • Sweet Potatoes!

    Which I made, only because my husband loves them...ick.
  • у нас традиционно на любой праздник крабовый салат... ненавижу рыбную пищу, и его ненавижу
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