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The Twilight movie comes out today. A lot of people are really excited about seeing Bella and Edward on the big screen. Others couldn't care less. Where do you fall on the issue?

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  • I think its awesome I already got it on dvd back in england
  • Personally, I've come to scorn twilight.

    It isn't even written well. Bella is whiny. The idea is pretty overdone too. The only decent part of the book was the gentlemanly vibe Edward gives off. Not enough to make me care for it.

    And the fantards are annoying as fuck.

  • I care only because I bought the book. I also had to be all excited for the kids that came into my work talking about it. I'd ask them things about it, and they were happy, and that makes me happy in a strange, I-hate-teenagers kind of way.

    I do love Robert Pattinson, though, but mostly because his character's death in Harry Potter made me cry. Although that's not saying much...

  • Twilight is amazing. You can call me obsessive but the books were the best thing I have ever read. I went to see the movie the weekend after it came out. The Cullens and Bella are absolutely gorgeous. I wish Edward would bite me.
  • I read the books in July...got hooked...and got the whole series and fell utterly in love. Books are my life and Meyer's character's are brilliant enough to take me away. So yes I can't wait for the film, of course the film won't be like the book for obvious reasons but yes bring on the 19th december...I'll be there.
  • Ohmigod, so I browsing the old writer's blocks...and I came across this one.  And I just realized it's been over two weeks and I still haven't gotten to see this damn movie because of my damn back and I really wanted to see it.
    Anyone want to wheel me in to see it?  It's too hard to make it in to see it with the walker.   

  • The only reason i would see the new twilight movie is because Robert Pattinson played in a HARRY POTTER film or my friend invited me. I have nothing against twilight except when it is compared to harry potter.

  • My two friends and I decided to go see the movie I believe on the day or the day after it came out in theaters. Months ago when I saw the previews for Twilight, I thought it would be worth looking into because I LOVE vampire films. I've been looking for good vampire films and honestly I've nearly watched all good ones that there a no more left. So when I heard of this film Twilight, I got curious and was happy to know it had adventure but most of all romance. After watching 30 Days of Night, I needed a new vampire film that wasn't as... gruesome and terrifying, but more on the romantic side. Before we watched the movie Twilight, I grew wary that I'd not like it all because of the physical appearance to the actor that plays Edward. He just didn't strike me as deadly attractive as many had claimed; at least when glancing at the posters of him, he didn't appeal to my romantic interest. His skull structure was just too damn boney, wide, and narrow, that it looked painful. I typically like a little baby fat plumpness within the face, but not overly fat – just right. I was happy that I knew the actress that played Bella for I remember the last I saw her in was that movie "When a stranger calls" and she's good at showing character emotions such as fear, sadness, happiness, longing, and kindness. Finally, as my friends watched the movie, I began to like it. The plot was really good and for someone who hasn't read the books before, I fell in love with the original writer's story. The rules of vampires is different than the usual, which is a plus side because sometimes we get tired of hearing the same thing and see vampires as weak creatures because of their sensitivity to sunlight, garlic, crosses, holy water, and what not. However, the vampires in Twilight don't have these weaknesses and because of that I liked the movie and the story. The romance was subtle, not as much I was yearning to see in the film because it could have used a little extra romance. So, yes, I've come to adore Twilight, though I'm not sure if I'll be a crazed fan such like those that have read the book before the film came out and buy Twilight merchandise. Still, I look forward to seeing the second film of Twilight when it comes out.

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