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Writer's Block

Meat Cake

Happy birthday, Humane Society of the United States! A staffer here at LJ loves her dog so much that she made her a meat cake for her birthday. What's the most elaborate (and possibly not justifiable to non-pet owners) thing you've ever done for your pet?

Answers (106)

  • That's kinda gross. Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • It's not exactly elaborate, but gray girl kitty had a seizure one time and I begged my boss to let me work from home for two days so I could monitor her 24/7 for additional seizures. She let me. She's awesome. That's why I stay. Gray girl has also had an echocardiogram just to see how bad her little heart murmur is. (Not bad at all..yet) All three kitties are spoiled rotten and they know it. Gramma has crocheted them all their own individual blankies. Husbandman and I sleep AROUND them in the bed. Etc. etc....its all quite ridiculous and I know it. =D
  • I threw a birthday party for my kitty Snowball when I was 10.
    All my friends brought their kitties, and they got their buddy presents too!
    He was rollin' in the cat nip for months!!

  • Let me just start off by giving you a little background on myself. I had my daughter when I was 19 and I divorced her father 3 months after she was born. So picture little old (well, young) me and my baby. Home alone on cold scary nights. So my Mom, being the clever mom that she is, got me a puppy. Kuba is my Siberian Husky and I love him to death. He quickly became the man of the house, taking care of Lily and I and watching over us at all times (in between dog naps and his occasional exercise in the back yard). So naturally, I had to take care of the man of the house. What kind of a woman would I be? Kuba had his own couch that he liked to relax on after a long day. I spoiled him with meat dinners, especially venison, his favorite. He even slept in bed with me and let me be the little spoon when we cuddled. He truly is a magnificent dog.
    But that was 6 years ago. Now he is just a grumpy old man who wants nothing more then to loaf around outside in his big pile of hay. I guess it's pretty true to life because it was the same as any relationship I would have had with a man (except the whole sex thing of course. I definately DO NOT endorse beastiality!) Everything was great in the beginning. He liked to watch movies with me and cuddle alot. I was his number one! Then the bitch next door goes into heat and i'm left high and dry! Just like a man.

  • I built him a five star stable. His parents were a tad surprised when next they visited as they new nothing about his inner pony.
  • I built 7 foot tall climbing towers (twice!) so my cats have a place to climb while confined inside a small apartment. I couldn't increase the square footage, so I gave the cats access to more of the vertical space that's inaccessible to them.
  • I threw my dog a birthday party this year.  With a doggie cake and goodies for his little furry friends.

    I normally do "celebrate" his birthday with some kind of cupcake and a hat. 

    But this year I took it a little further since a lot of my friends have dogs.  I believe there were a total of 7 dogs at my house.  And I must say it was a rather good time.

    They ran around and played, and amused us humans.  They had cake (which, thankfully, they liked!).  And they took home some "doggie bags" ;)

  • I used to sleep on my floor so that Amanda, a jack russel, wouldn't be disturbed when I got into bed. Then I built her a little tented canopy bed out of my nice fleecy blanket so I could acctually sleep in my bed again :)

    When I got my old boxer, Boris, he decided that my favorite pillow was his. He was a smelly old thing, so I didn't argue with him either. The day we had to put him down I made him a steak and cut it up really fine and put it in some rice. He loved it. And he got my pillow when we burried him.

    I built a tent for two cats in my room and I wrapped my fuzzy dolphin blanket around a horse who was cold in the winter time, and put socks on her ears and cut up sweat pants for her legs to keep her wam until the vet could come out to check her out.

    We had a foal born in january out of a mare who had been abandoned in the summer, and when he was born, my mum took one of my nice sweaters to put on him so he would be warm. It was a freaking G.A.P. sweater, and it cost me, like, $45. And I'm not mad about it :)
  • Связала кошке носок - ОДИН! Далее носок превратился в игрушку для кошки)
  • I haven't yet really done anything elaborate or crazy for Tonks. However, I did let him live after he gnawed his way through lots of my things. Like a desk chair, a few pairs of shoes, a set of sheets, a down comforter. A down comforter! He is so lucky to have his life!

    The meat cake thing is the most fantastic thing I've ever seen in my life. I might do that for Tonks!! I will also need to go to PetCo and get some of those cool shaped dog treats to decorate the cake with. His first birthday is in March, so I've got some time left to scout out the scenario. I'll owe it to him, because by then he'll be neutered. Hahaha!

    Anyway, since I crate him indoors all day long, I'm wondering if he's going to adapt okay to the snow. I'm seriously considering getting him a sweatshirt or jacket or something. He's got short hair - nothing like the double coats of my GSD's. Tonks is going to need some extra warmth, no??  Haha, Christmas is approaching, and I bet PetCo has some really cute stuff. 

    I'm so tired!! Off to bed. Working all day tomorrow - hopefully it's not insane!! I forgot to check which doctors are on tomorrow.. so I guess we'll see, eh?

    <3 Cindi Lou

    P.S. Yoga was really awesome tonight. I love doing yoga or pilates with my mom. Laughing during yoga poses makes them so much harder!! TRY IT.  We were making fun of the guy because during some of the really hard poses, he will just break out of it and go to check on the postures of the other people on the video. SURE. I think it's because he sucks at yoga. He makes so much stuff up on that video, it absolutely cracks me up. 

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