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In advance of holiday excesses, let's review cures for the common hangover. Coffee, cheeseburgers, raw eggs, lemons and worcestershire sauce—what works? What doesn't?

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  • What works? Not drinking, period. What doesn't work? everything else.
  • I don’t drink beer or anything like that. Nevertheless, when I have seizures, as I did on Thursday, what happens afterwards feels like a hangover—like I’ve had a bit too much to drink. When this happens, I usually got wobbly balance, worse than just the usual balance problems resulting from having cerebral palsy. In this particular issue, the current situation was brought on by flashing lights and loud sounds triggering a few seizures during my EEG Friday. I’m still suffering the effects, which are annoying. I’m not sure how to reverse this, but it’s been an uphill battle, trying to overcome this. Thankfully, I’ve got the most amazing boyfriend, who’s been helping me recover from the traumatic experience I had to endure. Enduring it without him wasn’t the easiest thing in the universe. Looking back on the ordeal, I wish I’d asked him to come into the room with me, so I wouldn’t have been so lonely and scared.
  • more beer!!!. its not technically a hangover if you never stop drinking

  • The best cure is prevention - but if you must go there then you need to rehydrate yourself and flush your system.  Lots of water does the trick.
  • Water and vitamins. Drink at least one full glass of water for each alcoholic drink (it works best if you interchange water and cocktails during your festivities). End the party with some more water and B and E vitamins. That won't CURE or prevent the hangover entirely, but instead of feeling like Rasputin (poisioned, beat with chains, shot in the head...you get the picture) you'll just feel like maybe you ate something that your stomach disagreed with ;) Nothing else really works, it either does nothing, helps one of the problems, or just delays the effects of alcohol. Like hair of the dog...that only puts off a hangover because you've gotten a little more drunk again. You'll be back to feeling like total crap within a couple hours. The caffeine in coffee helps headaches. That's why headache medicine has caffeine. Food helps with the blood sugar crash that results from all that alcohol you consumed, but not much else and if you're REALLY hungover you'll probably just puke it up anyway. And Prairie Oysters are just so disgusting you won't think about how icky you feel from the alcohol...you'll be too focused on how the egg mixture makes you want to gag.
  • Glass of water and tylenol before bed. When you wake up and you're still fuzzy get up make scrambled eggs and toast with honey. Or if you can't even stomach that take two Tbs of honey, munch some saltines and do laundry lol. Then when you feel like you're gonna die take more tylenol and go to bed. When you wake up you'll feel much better. The honey and eggs are key!
  • 4 extra strength tylenol, 800 mg of ibuprofin,  a dose of zantac, followed by a double dose of prilosec =D  
  • Typically you should be flushing your body's systems at the same time that you are engrossing yourself with alcohol and chocolate liquor truffles and hot buttered rum, complimentary of the winter holidays to keep you warm, giddy, and buzzed. Take for example, on Niroki's birthday this year in early November; she handed out Smirnoff and coco cola dashed with Malibu rum. When presented with an abundance of alcohol at your own use, you have to discipline yourself by keeping an eye on what and how much you’re drinking and eating. The positive side with parties is that there is always food, which is the 1st key that will help keep you from getting too tipsy and from possibly getting a hangover the following morning. I ate a lot of chips, pizza, and candy -empty carbs if you will so it wasn't the healthy choice for foods, but they served a purpose by helping my body break down the alcohol in my system much faster than if I didn't eat anything and only restricted myself to drinking booze. After I had three bottles of Smirnoff, going through 2 large pizza slices, nearly half a bag of BBQ potato chips, and 13 small chocolate candies, I gave myself a break of half an hour in between before testing the waters and seeing if I could take on another beer. Instead, I had switched to coco cola rum for Niroki offered it to me and I couldn’t say no to rum. I gingerly sipped my cup, not drinking it down as steady and fast as I did with my previous 3 beers. Then I began feel just the small subtle signs of stomach irritation and ooziness from the rum, so I ceased drinking and decided it was time to flush my system again. This time I didn't eat large amount of solid foods, but chose to drink many cups of cold water. I was really thirsty and I could feel the water was doing my body good... so I decided to try finishing up my cup of coco cola rum before putting myself to bed because alcohol is a nice sedative and makes going to sleep come to you at a faster rate. I didn't finish the cup. I think it was starting to taste gross or either I had lost interest in finishing my cup and didn't want to know what it tasted like at the very bottom of the cup which was mostly of the rum and my lingering saliva. Gross... Because of keeping myself well feed and drinking a lot of water before going to bed, I did NOT get a hangover despite that being the first time I drank so much alcohol within one night (typically I only had one beer before). I was surprised of my tolerance to all the beers I was drinking, but like I said it’s because I was eating food in between my beers that I didn't get nauseous or increase any chances of getting hangover the following morning. Think smart. Drink with a clear head on your shoulder. Don't be stupid.
  • Coffee always helps because the caffeine helps with headaches, Tylenol is always good, Gatorade, and the most bizarre hangover cure no one would ever think of-  good, cheap Chinese food.
  • Not Drinking Always Works For Me. =/
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