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Beer and cigarettes once went together like bread and butter, but now smoking in bars is banned in many cities. When you see smokers standing outside bars in the cold and rain, what is your first reaction? Walk on by, join them, or scorn them?

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  • I would be inspired by the sight- haggard faces staring from behind clouds of cigarette smoke and illuminated in the streetlamp light, arms hugged to themselves in the chilly air, reflections painted in the wet sidewalk. I'd probably go home with the picture framed in my mind and draw a picture based on it. Lovely.
  • I wouldn't scorn them. My Dad had a smoking habit and tried many, many times to quit, but couldn't. I certainly wouldn't join them; I detest smoking and cigarette smoke and have only once, at 13, had a few disgusting puffs. I would most likely walk by, maybe with an internal prayer that they will find the ability to rid themselves of a habit which will most likely cut their life short.

  • I'm not a smoker. I was happy when smoking in public places was banned. Waffle House is just so much better without all the smoke.
    However, when I see smokers standing outside in the rain and cold, I don't treat them any differently than anyone else standing outside in the cold and rain.

    I used to have the tendency to ignore people I passed, but I'm trying to change.
    I 'm trying to replace indifference with this mindset...

    Always  be the first to say hello.

  • Good on them for at least not poisoning everyone else while they're at it (though only if they don't stand right in front of the door, like some people do). I seriously hold no hard feelings towards smokers in general -- if they want to smoke that's their business -- but it's sad that so many people who happen to smoke are as inconsiderate as they are. Why should there need to be a law banning smoking in bars before someone who is allergic to cigarette smoke should be able to go barhopping with their friends? Unfortunately the smoke ban here still doesn't apply to all places it should, and applies stupidly in other cases. Doesn't apply They're not allowed to tell people not to smoke in bus shelters or on train platforms. For some reason smokers will generally not congregate in these environments, either. So if smoker A is puffing away over there, and I'm standing over here to not inhale their smoke, smoker B is going to come about, stand right next to me and light up. Unless they know each other I don't think I've ever seen smokers go stand by the other smokers on the train platform. Applies stupidly Smoking in schoolyards has been forbidden for years now, since before I started high school. The problem with this is that there are still students who smoke, and if they're caught, well... It's the principal that gets fined. Add to this that the police won't come ask the students to move (because it's the principal's responsibility), and that teachers aren't allowed to seize students' cigarettes or make them move (can only ask nicely), and it's the stupidest law ever made. -Alexandra
  • Honestly I love it when there's no smoking, just cause if i wanted to smoke and die, i would. But just inhaling the random smoke of others sux!
  • As a former smoker myself, who has some friends and family who still smoke now, I wouldn't scorn them for that. I know it's not healthy, and they know it too, ultimately it's a personal choice. I sometimes still hanging around with my friends outside when they go out for a ciggie. But if it's cold and rainy outside, I probably wouldn't join them. But I must admit that due to the smoking ban in bars and clubs, I'm enjoying going out more and I like not having my clothes reek of cigarette smoke the next day. They just passed a new law at my workplace last month that, starting in 2009, no one will be able to smoke within the vicinity of the building, including outside. I thought that was a bit extreme, but a lot of people are favouring it.
  • I walk on by. I am a non smoker with allergies, so there's no way I'll find their disgusting habit appealing, especially because it makes me sick. But that's no reason to scorn them for being smoking on the cold and rain, I think that's punishment enough.

    If they were smoking on the inside, then I would shout at them.

  • come on GIMME A BIG HUG!!!
    and then join them

  • Join em..
  • I wasn't going to respond, but I read some responses and had to. Fuck everyone who got all high and mighty and said they'd laugh. No, smoking isn't healthy. But how can you say "that's what they get" when it is their choice? I'm sure not everyone who responded this way always makes 100% healthy choices. Do you see a fat person struggling to get around and laugh at them too because they've made unhealthy choices? If so, grow up. If you don't like smoking you should just keep walking because it's none of your damn business what someone else does. It's bad enough that people can't even smoke in bars anymore, you don't have to be dicks about it because YOU ALREADY WON, so get over it.

    Also, if smoking really bothers you that much, don't hang around smokers. But honestly... I feel bad for smokers who have to leave bars to smoke because bars were the last indoor place they were allowed to smoke and smoking was part of the environment of bars. I also feel bad for bar owners because some people would probably rather sit home and drink now so they can have the luxury of sitting in comfort and smoking while they have a beer.
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