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It's hard to ignore the fact that today is Election Day in the U.S. If you went to the polls today, tell us what it was like. Long line? Free stickers? Hanging chads? We want the details.

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  • I can't remember the experience, outside of people going to the ballots, a lot of cookies and orange juice, and old people that I wonder if they were next to being comatose, or stabbing themselves with a pen in order to stay awake.
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  • Hmm, there weren't any lines at all. I think I drummed it up a lot more than it was. I think the only interesting bits were the fact that Emi was strapped to my chest and the ballots seemed like they were determined to be idiot proof. I am sad though...no free stickers ;.; Though I do have this little piece of paper that says which ballot was mine that proves that I voted. I'm gonna frame it. *laughs*
  • Matthew and I got to our polling place at 5:45AM (remember I got home from the hospital with Christine at 1AM!).  It was slightly chilly and drizzling.  We vote at a Catholic church's rec room.  I was #130 and Matthew #131 to vote that day!  As people were leaving, we had to keep moving the line so cars could get out of the parking lot.  By the time we got inside, the entire parking lot was empty because the people were lining up in the parking spaces.  Everyone else had to park on side streets and on the street.  Some even parked on the lawn of the church.  

    At one point, a truck thought he would park on the lip of the road.  Well, he did not see that it is not firm land, and was in fact, a ditch.  His driver side rear wheel was in the air and wasn't giving him traction to move the truck.  There were several people trying to push the truck down so his wheel would reach the pavement so he could move his truck.  It definately provided entertainment for all of us sleep deprived voters!  People in line thought it was funny when I pulled my camera out and started taking pictures.  Sadly, my camera registered the pictures as "file errors" so I can't post them :( 

    Another interesting thing to note, in the parking lot was a car was Maryland tags.  So, we kept joking that they were obviously lost or thinking of reasons of why they were here.....all the way down in Dinwiddie County.  Turns out that they work for Virginia as an election advocate.

    It took about 10 - 20 seconds to actually vote.  I got my sticker and waited for Matthew to finish.  We left our polling place around 7AM.  

      when we FINALLY got close enough to see the door

      the line when we got in line was about at the lam post.  When we left, the line had started wrapping around the church building.  Notice the people standing in parking spaces?  Notice the umbrellas?

    After we finished voting, I called the hospital and found out that Chrissy had given birth.  We went home, packed a suitcase, and started driving up to northern VA and calling our bosses saying we'd be out that day.  

    All in all, a very eventful day!

  • I got up early to go to my old high school where I usually go to vote. I had moved out some time ago but honestly didn't remember if the polling census knew that yet. So went to where I was familiar. Apparently, the news did reach them and I wasn't on the voters list at the station. No worries though, out comes a form and a warm gesture to sit down and fill it out. Later, went through the electronic process (I love that wheel wheeeeeeeeeee... ahem) and came back out feeling much refreshed. I ended up voting no on all the props due to the feeling of either pure ridiculousness (yes 8 I'm looking at you) or just seemed well-intentioned but poorly drafted. The process had an additional plus side. My supervisor had complained how he had moved too and didn't know where he was supposed to go. I looked it up for him and dragged him to the nearest polling place (right next door to my work place lol) and had him fill out the form like I did. In fact, he got a bonus out of it. By filling it out with his workplace address he can continue voting at that spot! And yes, he voted no on 8 too, complaining what right did these people have to determine how we should marry? lol I knew there was a reason I liked him. ;p So in this way, I ended up supporting hands-on the cause I had originally only done so electronically. lol
  • I know this is not about the American election, but in Australia it is actually compulsory to vote. As everyone has to vote, there are many more places available for voting, so lines tend to be shorter then those pictured in America. If you don't vote, it is not a capital offence or anything and you only get fined, but you do get in trouble. If you are going away you can vote by post prior to the election.

    Everyone must register to vote, preferably before they turn 18. We have an election every three years, in which we vote for the Lower House, as well as the Senate. In the Senate, the seats are determined by percentage vote. Eg. Labour wins 42 % of votes so they get 42 % of seats. In the Lower house, it is party preferential and each seat is voted for and each seat is won by majority.

    Most people vote either Labour or Liberal. Our current Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, is from labour. Our previous Prime Minister was John Howard.

    A Prime Minister can stay in office as long as they are voted in each election. Party leadership can be passed over during the term to another member of the party in power.

    However, there are minor parties including The Greens, People Power and Independents. I, as my parents are, am a supporter of the Greens. Senetor Bob Brown would have to be one of my idols. I deeply respect him, not only has he spent his life campaigning for the environment and leading the greens party, he is also strong enough to be openly gay.

    For more information on the Greens clicky here. To watch $20 bucks in 20 seconds with Bob Brown click here

  • если честно то никому....ни один из представленных кандидатов не заслуживает должного уважения, не обладая ни умственными привилегиями, ни внешними
  • Short line, no propagana anywhere, was in and out in 5 mins.
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