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A Conspiracy of Beards

November is National Beard Month. Muttonchops, Van Dyke, goatee, soul patch, ZZ Top–style—tell us about your own wild and woolly facial fuzz. Even better, post a picture.

Answers (241)

  • I am female. So, I do not can have beard. I adore black beard!!! *huge smile*

    My most favourite men with beard it:


     Words on pics it 'Nord it is refrigerator for foodie!' (I found it collage in Internet one year almost.)

    Rubeus Hagrid ('Harry Potter''s character). Robbie Coltrane play of his. I very like of Hagrid but do not like Mr. Coltrane, because Coltrane do not have so awesome beard.


    Alan Beverley Cross with his wife Dame Maggie Natalie Smith


    Ernest Miller Hemingway.
  • Never been without it. Hides a number of sins. Crumbcatcher. Soupstrainer. In general, useful, and I'd be one of the world's ugliest cleanshaven men. I *am* bigoted. I believe there is a proper style of facial hair for every male face, and that none of them include "cleanshaven". Don't you folks know? Razors are SHARP! Avoid them.
  • Ненавижу бороды! Ухоженные - еще куда ни шло, на них хоть смотреть можно без рефлекторных имитаций сжимания и разжимания фантомных ножниц рабочей рукой. Но "на колу мочало" или моток колючей проволоки, впившийся в нижнюю часть лица, не только неэстетичны, но и негигиеничны: целуясь с их обладателями, постоянно ждешь шальной волосины в зубы или десанта застрявшей там во время обеда корейской морковки в вырез твоей кофточки.
  • Thankfully, I am not the Bearded Lady! But beard was a minor source of disagreement between my ex and me. See, I don't mind a clean-shaven face. Not at all, don't get me wrong here. I do, however, mind stubble. At the three-day mark or so it's usually long enough that it's no longer stiff and scratchy, and then I'm perfectly fine with it, but the scratchy kind of stubble bothers me. Partially because I have really sensitive skin, and having someone rub their sand-paper-y face against me will end up with me looking like a boiled fucking lobster. And that itches. But my ex, while he'd grow his beard out for my sake from time to time, seemed to grow rather resentful over time when most of his other friends had such positive reactions to him shaving and I still wanted him to keep his beard nice and long and not-scratchy. I might've been reading things into it that weren't there, but it felt to me like there was an implicit accusation; "you only say you like me with my beard and hair long because it reduces your competition". When in fact the boy was fucking gorgeous with his hair long and his little goatee thing. But that's water under the bridge. And quite frankly, while I preferred his hair long and his beard at-least-long-enough, I wasn't going to kick up a fuss. It wasn't as though I was dating him for either. -Alexandra
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  • My beard is like several beards rolled into one


    Abe Lincoln

    Soul patch


    Chin strap




  • Mine is a full on Goatee. Nicely coloured (I think) with a mix of Ginger, Brown,Black,and in a sign of advancing age, White.
  • I would but I can't find a picture of Katie Holmes.
  • BEARDS ARE HOT! Here is mine this week.
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