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The Final Frontier

Imagine a world without Star Trek. Is it a world you'd be very happy to live in, or a dark and terrible place?

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  • I was never a Star Trek fan.

    My grandfather, bless his heart, was a HUGE fan.

    I think he must have liked the far out technology because he was a man who was way ahead of his time.
    Long before garage doors openers were ever invented and marketed, he created his own. 

    All Grandma had to do was push a button in her car, and not only did the garage open, the door to the house inside the garage unlocked and opened.

    No one had ever heard of such a thing...He should have patented it.

    Dear Grandpa...he was the sort of fellow that "Boldly went where no man had gone before..."

  • I grew up watching Star Trek! I use to watch it with my Dad! Captain  kirk was a freak and a little weird, but I loved Jean-luc Picard. personally it made my world a better place.
  • Well, if Star Trek had never been created, we wouldn't know, would we? I can only say that my life surely is brighter and more positive because of Star Trek. I was born in the same year as the show and grew up with it, because it was aired in Germany a few years later. It always amazed me how visionary that show was and how many inventions we use today that remind me of Star Trek gimmicks: mobile phones that look like communicators, PDAs that developed from electronic writing pads, perhaps one day we'll be able to beam? I'm sure Star Trek has provided us with a lot of interesting ideas to begin with and it has given me personally hours of wonderful entertainment and my favourite TV heroes too. Is it preposterous? But at Obama's inauguration I wondered whether America would already have a black president if it wasn't for Star Trek's consistent appearance of multicultural crew members and the first interracial kiss... Just my few cents thrown in...
  • It's difficult to imagine.  For if Star Trek hadn't been invented in the 60's, it (or something very similar to it) probably would have been invented by someone else eventually.  Perhaps it wouldn't have been invented by Roddenberry, but someone like JJ Abrams.  I don't know.  Many of us who grew up watching it--and I started watching it on a black and white TV-- acknowledge that Star Trek really affected what careers we eventually went into.  As we all know there are doctors because of McCoy, engineers because of Scotty, people who are in the military thanks to Kirk, etc.  And of course there are those of us who became actors after watching the cast play spaceman on TV and realizing we'd like to 'play'  too. 

    A world without Star Trek would be a dark and terrible place.  And boring.  Or we'd be all watching Doctor Who.  Actually not a bad thing.  I love Doctor Who.
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  •  "Звездный путь" - это, конечно, очень важная часть всемирного культурного наследия. "Звездный путь" - это целая Вселенная, со множеством персонажей, планет и технологий. Но главное это сама идея Звездной Федерации - независимого государства, созданного на основании идеалов доброты, свободы и гумманизма. Увы, сейчас все это считается неактуальным. Вместо старого доброго гумманизма с легкой руки Джорджа Буша-младшего на Земле расцвел махровый расизм. Однако, это неправильно. Если бы в свое время вместо гумманизма Роденнбери люди выбрали нацизм Буша мир бы погиб уже тогда.
  • Star Trek as a TV series has been off the air for quite a long  time with Enterprise being the last  of the franchise, and anyway you can get repeats on TV or hire a DVD for your Trekkie fix. The question is immaterial. I still watch repeats. I don't think the world would be a dark and terrible place without it, but i would miss them if  repeats of the shows were no longer aired. I do look forward to the new Star Trek movie though.
  • A dark and terrible place for sure
  • Had to answer it lol....................................

    Dark...horrible....such a damned shame..........no startrek would mean no J/C..........screw that lol!

  • A dark, terrible and far less colorful place. 
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