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A.A. Milne

Some people find Eeyore’s gloomy outlook charming. Others prefer the bouncy enthusiasm of Tigger. Who would you rather be trapped in an elevator with: Eeyore or Tigger?

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  • I tend to be a "Tigger", and he's much more fun than an Eeyore. It gets old real fast trying to cheer up somebody who's determined to be miserable. I guess they are people who learned at an early age that only being miserable gets attention from some people.

  • Without a doubt...Tigger. It's always so much more pleasant to be around someone with a joyful song and a spring in their step.

  • Hard to say. I've always wanted to have sex in an elevator. But, unfortunately, not with Eeyore or Tigger... there are other imaginary people I'd like to be in an elevator with? Are we allowed to make suggestions? :D

  • I like them both but since I can only choose one I have to say Eeyore as I like him more than Tigger. Got heaps of Eeyore merch and the voice actor is the same bloke who voices Optimus Prime so that's a win right there :)
  • It's better to have a donkey that sits there like a lump than to have an annoying tiger bouncing off the walls while you're trying to think.
  • Heh. Heh. Heh. I love this question!

    See, for a short amount of time, i would loveee to be with Tigger! He would make me happy. But people that are always bouncing off the walls and never shut up tend to annoy me after a long time(;

    So, if I'm stuck in an elevator, I'd have to say Eeyore. He's pretty chill. Seems like a good listener, too...

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  • haha tigger for sure...eeyore would depress me and worry me more. although i might feel a bit uneasy with tigger jumping around infront of my face. hehe but still..better than untalkative eeyore
  • That kinda reminds me of the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

    There is no question that I'd rather be stuck with Tigger. I'm gloomy enough already, so I need someone bouncy to contradict me, heha!

  • Eeyore. Tigger and tight places?  No thanks.

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