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Lenny Bruce

Before George Carlin exposed the seven words you can’t say on television, comedian Lenny Bruce was arrested multiple times for saying all seven, and more, on stage. Who is today’s most groundbreaking comedian? Or is there even any ground left to break?

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  • I'd have to say Lisa Lampanelli, she's vile, she's mean, she's racist but yet you can't help but laugh along with her and the laughter is infectious. She's also the best roaster I've ever seen (Just look for any of her Comedy Central roasts, she never fails to be awesome)
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  • Not strictly stand-up comedy and maybe I don't know any better...but my choice is or are, rather, the guys from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • I dunno who's the most groundbreaking, but trust me, if there's ground to break, it will be broken. Whether it be in 1 year or 10.
  • well they never showed real sex on TV, like free TV, that would be pretty hilarious especially if it was a new show called SEXXX SECRTETS OF THE FAT straring actual fat people all huffin and puffin and doin it live for all to see so they could win a car? or surgery, or maybe just a big ol box of popeyes chicken popeyes and fatty porn actually sounds really good right now, bbl ;)
  • Dave Chapelle. Funniest man on Earth!
  • Sarah Palin.

    The alternative explanation is simply absurd.

  • With comedy, I don't think there ever was any ground to break. No matter how horrible the economy is, how many wars their countries are involved in, or how evil they are, people will laugh at something. Whether it's a parody of Barney confessing that he is gay, or Tina Fey's awesome Sarah Palin impersonation, I think what matters is that they make people's day a bit better by bringing them joy. That said, my favorite comedians are probably the Seinfeld quartet, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler.
  • margaret cho hands down
  • There really isn't any ground left to break. Very little offends people now, thanks to Carlin and Bruce getting everyone to loosen the sticks up their assholes a bit. Comedians like Demitri Martin, or Flight of the Conchords are popular now. Well, I like them, and I know a lot of people like them too. These aren't offensive acts, nor are they loud. They're...contained comedy. I guess that's todays "new ground". Then there is the way too popular Dane Cook. He's just energetic. Not so much funny, he just has a lot of energy, and people are dumb enough to being duped into laughing. Myself included, admittably.
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