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Saturday Night Live, hosted by George Carlin, aired live from New York for the first time in 1975. The cast of SNL has been through many changes in the show’s history, from Chevy Chase to Tina Fey. Who was the funniest?

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  • I still believe Jim Carey was the funniest.
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  • i think chris farley was the funniest man on earth.
  • For me, right now, Andy! I love him and he's hilarious! Even Hot Rode was hilarious as fuck! And Bill! I love them two together!! Great pair! And this is for the people on the show NOW, not back then.
  • John Belushi.

    nuff said.

    he has always been my source of non-Disney joy.

    I would seriously sell a limb or an organ to go back in time and watch the filming of Animal House. I know the man was a drug addled mess and not nearly as nice as I have him glorified in my mind, but he's just everything I've ever wanted in a comedy actor. I'm sure that much like people don't always agree with or even respect my love of Disney that many of you will say Belushi was just a fat guy on drugs, but he makes me happy.

    Samurai Deli, bitches.

  • Impossible to gage, but I'll tell you who was and is still the unfunniest.  Keenan Thompson.  The kid who has grown up to be the exact person he was at 14 when he was thrown onto children's television for doing a fat lady voice and has not improved in his comic capabilities.  I know it's a tough call considering whats-his-face who's taking over for CONAN O'FUCKINBRIAN, but Keenan gets this free pass since no up and coming Black sketch comedy star has been able to take his place over the past few years.  Every character he does is a version of Bill Cosby.  Even playing the straight man in a sketch is too hard for him.  He has to do the same Bill Cosby-ish thing and it isn't even particularly funny or memorable.  If your peak as a comic performer was GOODBURGER, get the hell off of the fast-dying Saturday Night Live so it can die slower, please!  I feel no arrogance or baseless conceit when I say I would be funnier doing his scenes.  Fat Black lady?  Bill Cosby?  Let me have at it.  I know Saturday Night Live needs some color in their cast, but fuck, he gives a bad name to funny Black actors and improvisers when he is representing the best of the best.

    That was all very angry, wasn't it?  Yes, I'm just jealous.  You bet I'm jealous.
  • i don't watch SNL enough to have an answer.

  • It's kind of hard for me to answer this since I only started watching SNL and late night TV in general when I was like, 12 or 13 maybe, and that was in 2003/2004, so I missed the all-time favorite talents. But my personal favorites from recent memory are Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Andy Samberg, Will Forte, Darrell Hammond, Bill Hader, and Kristen Wiig.

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