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Writer's Block

The Beatles

In their heyday, The Beatles were the center of the pop universe. Many groups have been hailed as the next Beatles, but does pop music even have a center anymore? Who represents the core of pop music to you?

Answers (240)

  • I don't follow it anymore, so I really can't say, but for artists I like, maybe Taylor Swift. Maybe.
  • Pop music is something very rarely worth following, because nowadays, they seem to try to copy the previous generation, rather than be original in itself. Art itself is very hard to be original in and of itself, when you look at it in it's many forms. It's all about taste. Seems that once artists try NOT, I repeat, NOT achieve fame, and be about the music, it will get better. When will that time come? I have no idea.
  • None of them. The beatles were pop music only in their minds. Truth of the matter is, i would be something better, since i let my music do the talking. I might be getting one out soon. Which one? We shall see. :)
  • Очень циничное видео Sidaction от французских эстетов. Переэстетствовали немного, но выглядит эффектно, хотя подобные вещи не люблю.
  • I feel like I may never write again. Everything I've ever written is gone. See, my computer crashed, I gave it to the computer guys to salvage, they were gonna send me everything in the mail. And I never saw it. It's gone. I just. This sucks. I had some WIPs I was really proud of on there. And finished stuff too. And this just sucks.
  • Dear...the next Beatles? While I haven't exactly been paying attention until I was around 7 or so (when I first began paying attention to the music on the radio than using it as busy noise), I don't exactly remember hearing that...but I must have not been paying attention.

    The question of pop music having a center: it depends. If we are talking about whatever music happens to be on the Top 40, then no. However, for the genre that is labeled pop (including the carbon-copy pop-princesses and boy bands of the '90's), it does. And the center of the is The Beatles. Always will be. Along with a lot of musicians you will probably hear on oldies stations or on one of the records (or tapes) your grandparents (or parents..or you..who knows) have kept, the Beatles are the core of all that was pop.

    Sadly, pop has changed...drastically. And hardly for the better. As I stated earlier, pop has become whatever's popular for the next week or so. Sometimes not even that. Some music nowadays is okay, but a lot scares me. I grew up in an age where the girls obsessed over Britney Spears and 'Nsync. And now Britney's lost it and 'Nsync is no more...in fact, I haven't heard anything about 'Nsync since the big revalation that one of them was gay. Now all I tend to hear of is people of American Idol (which deserves it's name about as much as MTV currently deserves it...aka doesn't) are in some kind of trouble or what they're doing now.

    I can't say I hate all music made nowadays, but I do wish for the music of yesterday. The music of the '80's had a feel-good party sound and is good for cheering up after a hard day (or some power ballads to provide soundtrack to that little romantic scene in your story). '70's, like the '80's, makes me want to dance...no matter where I am. '60's music was the kind that helped rock become so popular (and if it wasn't for people like The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, my favorite genre would either have come around in a completely different and weird way or never at all).

    But I ramble, pop music is losing itself quickly. Apparently the music industry is (and maybe always has been) just in it for money. Heck, I bet they make just as much as tabaloid reporters in times of scandal. Okay. I'm done...I honestly didn't think I'd talk this much..or get this far off track...

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  • You shouldn't compare any bands or artists to the beatles when your talking pop. People like Britney Spears or Ashley Tisdale, and that sassy electronic stuff that doesnt sound real, is a joke. Who are they honestly tring to fool? Congrats to you that your a star but where is the music going anymore? I'm sick of all the corny love songs and the ones that only talk about banging a girl. Where are the morals? POp is POOOOOP
  • Real pop music, or that sexual pop shit that changed as Britney and Christina became women instead of teenaged girls?

    I'm a fan of The Beetles.  I love their songs!  They define a generation of people who stood up for what they believed in and changed the entire nation because of it.  Baby boomers are still affecting the world today with what they did nearly fifty years ago.

    But who's the center?  There really is no center for pop music anymore, because, like everything else, the definition of it has changed over time.  The Beetles were once the epitamy of pop.  Now, pop is so distorted, it's hard to tell if it's pop or techno.
  • In 1966-67 two crucial and very influential records were recorded. The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows" (from their album "Revolver") and The Beach Boys "Good Vibrations". "Tomorrow Never Knows" was the first rock recording to use tape loops, which were ran from several tape machines set up inside Abbey Road's hallways! A group of engineers turned off and on these tape loops while recording and mixing down to a 4 track tape recorder. It created a psychedelic montage that still sounds modern today. "Good Vibrations" was recorded in 4 different Los Angeles studios in 1966-67. Each studio at the time had a different "sound" that Brian Wilson wanted for each part of the song. At the time it was the most expensive single record ever made for $50,000. Brian Wilson conducted the studio musicians while experimenting with different sounds, tempos, effects, and musical textures until he was satisfied with the results. After several very long and expensive sessions, the best sections of those tapes were edited into a 3 1/2 minute master backing track, and then the Beach Boys vocals were added. The result was a #1 single and the Beach Boys biggest hit record. Brian was planning at the same time to take this technique of recording different sections and editing them together into a complete album form with the legendary "Smile" LP that was supposed to be issued in 1967. But because of drugs, family, management, record company and mental problems he was unable to complete it until 2005. The Beatles (with producer George Martin) and Brian Wilson were true pioneers, pushing the limits of what you could do in the studio. They had to do this stuff with analog 4-track tube equipment, miles of tape, lots of patience, imagination and experimenting. Now you can do the same thing (at home) in minutes using Pro Tools and other digital recording programs. Much of today's rap, dance and hit records are created only using loops of drums, guitars, bass, synths, vocals etc and then mixed and edited together from different sections digitally. After 40+ years of major advances of recording technology, these two recordings still represent the "Core" of modern pop-dance-rock and rap music. And there hasn't been a recording or a group that has topped them since.
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