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Personal Holidays

These days, there's a holiday for everything from punctuation to pie. If you could create your own holiday, what would it be and how would you celebrate?

Answers (250)

  • My birthday.
  • My birthday. How, by being more into myself than ever.
  • Any day can be a holiday for me., I don't know what I would call it, but how I would celebrate it? Where would I begin? :)
  • I don’t know what I’d call it, but this month’s worth celebrating. Around the 6th, Sean and I first met officially. Actually, we saw one another from afar back in December of 2015. I could obviously tell—after becoming a resident, Sean hadn’t been here that long. He would eat all by himself, and it had seemed like nobody would really talk to him. On the 6th of this month is when we became friends, so I think I’d call it Best Friends Day. Relationship Day would be on the 18th because that’s when we began our relationship. The 25th would be Let Everyone Know Day because that’s when people began suspecting that we were together. It’s hard to believe that me and Sean “MixingK” Keffer and I have been together a year. In that amount of time, we’ve been through so much. We got to see the Cubs go to the World Series and take it all. He has already met my family, and I met his. Unlike my last relationship, approval is through the roof. My parents see him as helpful, rather than someone who isn’t going to treat me like a princess. His family loves me, too.I love you so very much, Sean, and I hope that we’re going to be together for a very long time.
  • I'd call it Victor Greywolf day. What would I do to celebrate it? Lay back with a good movie, eat some fish crackers, and drink any juice that tastes good to me at the moment. I know some fans of people create an "unofficial" holiday dedicated to that particular person. I am probably no exception, except I don't really have too much of a following, and it is okay. Some people are meant for those things, some aren't. I am most likely one of those people who aren't, but maybe I do, but not to that extent, and it is all right? Have a great 2017.
  • Simple I'd call it MY day. I'd make me birthday that also. What would I do, the same thing I do every day, be myself. How would I celebrate it? By ridiculing trends I don't like.
  • Holiday from reality, desu ka!
    I hear the rustle of the fallen leaves as the cool whind whips and twerils every single one. The house, that you never even know it's raining out is the wind howls as it passes my window. What lay's in store for me out there today. I sit back wondering if anyone will call to see if I'm here, amoung the living? Or am I a prisoner again in my own solitude? I know there are a million women that would love to have my life, and my life isn't the question. I love my life. It's my body that upsets me.
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  • How about a "free travel" holiday? =P
    A week where all travel's free!
    And to celebrate that, I'd try and get together everyone that means something to me...Ok, that'd be hard, as it'd kinda center around me, since it'd be the people I care about...but, heh, it'd be nice to do that and the only way it'd be possible would be if travel were free.

    So I should think of something more selfless.
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