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Autumn Begins

Autumn starts today! How do you personally sense the change in seasons? Is Autumn more of a season in itself, or a transition period?

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  • Уже давно Весна. Осень была в прощлом году. Все хорошо.
  • Осень была  в прошлом году. Уже Весна. Все хорошо
  • Well, where I live, Winter is long and freezing. Fall to me is Practically-Winter. Really. Tonight we're getting snow. Also I should probably mention that I'm answering this writer's block a month after it was written XD
  • Мне кажется осень очень чувственное время года с этаким элегическим налетом. Не так как весной с животной страстью к жизни и  бушующими гормонами,а все тоньше нежнее,чувственнее...Надо успеть не пропустить это,что бы от осени не осталась в памяти одна слякоть
  • we don't have seasons here in socal. just a difference in temperature.
  • How do I personally sense the changes?

    Well it's cooler out. As of yesterday it was like Antarctica outside. Now all that's left is for the leaves to start changing and dropping.

    I've always thought of Autumn/Fall as a season.....one of the most beautiful IMO.

  • Autumn is the season for - buying loads of pens, chestnuts, my birthday, seeing the Christmas lights be turned on, getting excited as it starts to get darker quicker, end of season at Alton Towers - leading on to a Winter's worth of speculation about next year's new ride, watching the sky turn beautiful colours at all times of the day, hot water bottles, the novelty of wearing coats and jumpers again after so long, bonfire night, dressing like a tit for Hallowe'en, geting up on a morning when it's still dark, slipping on mud, sacrificing fashion for comfort, new TV programmes, pies, and not feeling guilty for just sitting at home under a blanket.
  • I love the fall season! Its a change from the green we see everyday and hopfully a change once in a while that will help us appreiciate the green in the springtime. Plus all the bugs go away.
  • To a certain degree I sense the changing seasons by the changing (sports) seasons from year to year...Baseball? probably summer. Football basketball or hockey? probably winter...but the playoffs are in the spring for Basketball and Ice Hockey. I don't know if Autumn is a transition period or not, but if it is merely a transition, does that mean that spring is also a transition as well and that we only really have 2 "seasons" summer and winter? Work is coming along just fine. I've fit in just fine and I get along just fine with most everybody.
  • Autumn, to me, is the ideal time of the year. Recently, i've been having a bit of emotional chaos, and i've been very ervous much of the time, but when i get up in the morning and woalk to and from school, life is good again. I love the cooler air that doesnt quite annoy you but wakes you up. I love it. I'm a huge fan.
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