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The New York Times was first published on this day in 1851. How important is print news to you? Does the internet render circulation obsolete, or will print never die?

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  • i don't read the news, online or in print. i usually just listen on the tellie. the internet will eventually render circulation obsolete. we will save a lot of trees.
  • I don't care about print news at all. When I say print news, I mean strictly newspapers, not books or magizines or anything. It's so much easier to go to a newspaper's website and read articles. It's easier to find interesting articles, it doesn't cost anything most the time, and since I'm online a lot anyway, I'm more likely to actually read some news than if there's a newspaper sitting on a table downstairs. I think print news is definitely becoming obsolete. More and more people are turning to the internet for news.
  • Nothing compares to feeling the texture of the paper with your fingers, it doesn't matter if it's a book, a magazine or a newspaper. Obviously there are some major advantages that come with  technology but I don't see the print becoming obsolote in the near future, maybe that's something that our granchildren will have to live through?!?!?

  • I decided I'd answer this question, despite not actually having writer's block, and just being bored.
    I'm studying Journalism, so my answer to this question could be biased. Print News is hugely important because no matter where we go, it's there. You go to the grocery store, newspapers. You go to the airport, newspapers. You go to work, school, the mall - newspapers! For years, print media has been the first place people look for their news. Publications are largely online now, but there are some papers that only publish their interactive media online and leave the real news to the print version.
    The program I'm in right now has both an Online and Print version. We're separate groups - researching, interviewing, pitching, laying out - and we publish different material. We have the same general sections - news, entertainment, discussion, arts & culture, sports - but we cover different stories. Some of the stories make it into both versions, but ultimately, to get full coverage you would have to take a look at both forms of media.
    I don't think print will ever die - I hope not, as that's what I'm studying - but honestly, it may become less prominent. Maybe more people will access their news online, but there are still a great percentage of people who rely on print for the fastest and most reliable way of getting their news. My step-dad for example, reads newspapers online every morning as part of his daily routine, but still religiously buys the Toronto Sun, and keeps them, to look back on the news later.

    And, that's all I have to say about that.

  • I need the book, the binding, the tactile FEEL of the pages turning. I need to crack the spine Myself.. or not.. peering into the pages like preserving the mystery for the next person to read it. I love the rustle of newsprint, nothing else stains My fingers so lovingly, not even red liquid latex. I adore turning the huge pagesm trying to flick back the crease so it doesn't fold and rip in the middle. I will never give up the printed word. It has comforted me when nothing else could, taken me on adventures I would never have gone on, and led Me to fantasies I later accomplished in point of fact. Do I read online? Yes, sure, I read all 26 of the Gor books online. Not a problem. However, I will always be the rescuer of abandon books, the collector of all things bound (and bound WEG), and someday (when I win the lotto... have to buy a ticket I guess) I will have a brick and mortar library of My very own. As Ever, M. Pandora
  • Нет...Печать,как таковая,умрёт ну очень-очень не скоро...
    Почему?Потому что это суть человека...Мы хотим потрогать книгу,заложить закладкой,поставить на полку,что бы любоваться обложкой,и передать именно в руки другу,но по асе\емаилу\блютузу и т.п. А информация на жёстком диске материальностью не обладает...Да,это удобнее,да,это креативнее,но сущность человека так просто не поменяешь...
  • печатные издания никогда не сможет заменить телевидение и интернет. нет ничего банальнее и приятнее, чем купить рано утром свежую, еще пахнщую типографской краской, газету и прочитать ее в метро или за чашкой кофе. подпись: журналист ))
  • Print news to me is still important because news, whether it's local or world or wherever, it is available all in your "hands." I don't have to search multiple sites online to find things. It's sometimes better in print.


    The New York Times was first published on this day in 1851. How important is print news to you? Does the internet render circulation obsolete, or will print never die? 

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  • Print will never truly die, but it will be reserved for the few holdouts and affinity users who enjoy the feel of a paper in their hands.  In reality, getting news online is faster, more convenient, and cheaper.  Newspapers for me exist for three reasons:
    1. Sometimes I'm to lazy to go online.  Having the paper already on my table makes it a little more convenient to thumb through the day's events.
    2. Crossword puzzles.  I tried to do them online once, but it took me forever to get the pencil marks off my computer screen.
    3. Nostalgia.  In college I had to read the NY Times cover to cover every day.  What started as a fun hobby freshman year (to impress people by how much I knew) turned into homework by senior year (I was a political science major and HAD to know what was going on).  Every now and then it's refreshing to kick back and open up an oversized piece of newsprint.
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