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Independence Day

In recognition of Mexican Independence Day, tell us how you celebrate your own independence.

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  • Go hang out in front of Home Depot...
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  • dude on paper i'm the most independent person ever. i moved 2 hours away from home and i mostly like not being a stick figure and i do everything the way i want and when i want. i went on vacation by myself for gods sake. i think i stay very independent with my fashion sense. i still wear graphic t shirts sometimes and i can wear things some people think are old-lady but i don't look old lady. although i have to say that inside i don't like being so independent all the time. i try not to dwell on it though. nobody likes to hang around someone so needy, right? anyway. so glad it's thursday. would be even happier if it was friday. i got a lot done today though. and let's talk about how much i love my tivo. i have like half a dozen shows to catch up on. that makes me happy.
  • i would celebrate my own independence by proving everyone who ever told me i couldn't do something wrong, as in staying in school out of trouble and making decent money. :D <3
  • For the first time in my life, I am (and will be for the next two years, at least) somewhere where no one else in my family or immediate group of friends (and I mean like the ones I knew before college- not the ones that I've made while I'm here!) is. Most people are within about an hour of me or more, and will be in Colorado soon. This is a ton of independence. I'm also not living on campus (well, technically, I am, no one is allowed to actually live off-campus here, but I'm about as far away as you can get and I have to ride my bike most places) so I'm not quite as much a part of everything on campus as I was last year and freshman year. And so far, I'm really enjoying it. I'm not on a meal plan, so I have to get all my groceries from Kroger and WalMart, which seems like I'm there every other day to buy yogurt. I'm also super-busy this year, so I'm not going home or anything. I suppose you could say I'm pretty independent right now. Sadly, that also means spending a little more money... blah. Test tomorrow and Friday, plus a thousand papers. OH- I successfully gave two injections today (to a mouse, but it counts!) without passing out or getting stupid about it. I was rather proud. Of course, I managed to also slice my finger on a needle, but whatev. Well, hope everyone else is well, and more updates to come.
  • Being nice to people....
  • I first fully had my own independence when i finally passed my driving test. I always struggled with feeling I was 100% reliant on my mum or dad to take me where I needed to go, even if I wanted to go out with friends I was very aware that I had to arrange with my dad/mum when to drop me off and when to pick me up and I struggled with that. Since passing my test I’ve really been able to enjoy my new found freedom. I’ve been able to head down to the car boot and meet my mum and not have to worry about dad taking me and picking me up. I’ve been able to pick my sister up from her youth club, and take her to her friend’s house.

    So, in answer to the question, I celebrate my independence by driving in my car!

  • i'm not mexican, i'm snakexican

  • My independence day was when I turned eighteen and moved out from under the dictatorship of my parents! I like making my own choices and planning my own activities....and if I ever decided to eat ice cream for breakfast...there isn't a damn thing anybody could say about it! LOL How I celebrate it? My birthday of course!!!
  • psiXyЮ!!
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