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The X-Files Birthday

Today in 1993, The X-Files first premiered. What's your favorite episode? Have you ever experienced paranormal activity yourself?

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  • Can I answer an old block question? Bad Blood (Season 5, Episode 12 (thank you Wikipedia)) Mulder and Scully find a mobile home park full of vampires. The POV for the episode keeps alternating between Mulder and Scully, and when it is Scully's POV, Mulder is enigmatic and the town sheriff (played by Luke Wilson) is hot. When it is Mulder's, Scully is whiny and the sheriff is buck-toothed and hideous! Comic gold!!! Thanks to Wikipedia, I now know that it is Gillian Anderson's favorite episode, also. So be like Gillian and me, and check it out!
  • My favorite episodes (couldn't pick just one) are Triangle and Three of a Kind. In Triangle, Mulder gets sent back in time on a ghost ship and makes out with a '40's Scully. In Three of a Kind, the Lone Gunmen go to Las Vegas on a conspiracy theory hunt, and Byers finds his true love, Susanne Modeski. I also really like The Unnatural about the alien baseball player and The Jersey Devil, from the 1st season. Totally stole this from Amy. Thanks, Amy!
  • I'm not sure when this entry first appeared, but when i saw it I had to reply.
    I love the X files and I believe that it truly is one of the best shows of all time. My favorite episode changes from time to time. Recently i've been re-watching the first season so i'm going to have to go with the first season finale, The Erlenmyer Flask (i probably miss-spelled that badly). It was to me the beginning of the Mythicarc and the template for a lot of the episodes to come. Plus it was just a cool episode :)

    As far as paranormal activity myself...not really.

  • OK, so I'm a couple of days late, but I had to join in the squeeing.

    I've only really seen S1, S6, S7 and a few random episodes from all over the place, but I'm already having trouble narrowing it down even to a top ten of favourites. With extreme difficulty, I would say that thus far these have been my favourites:

    - Arcadia, for obvious reasons.
    - Three of a Kind, because Scully got drugged. "So what killed him?" "In my medical opinion? BEEEEEP!"
    - Monday, because the whole plot was so clever and though it was resolved, part of it was still unexplained. Also, Mulder was shirtless for like half ot it. Not that I'm shallow or anything.
    - The Amazing Maleeni. Mulder doing magic tricks made my day.
    - Redux II. THE SHIPPY!!
    - William, because I am a sucker for sad things.
    - Detour - FUNNIEST EPISODE EVER. Gillian Anderson singing "Jeremiah was a bullfrog..." is currently my ringtone.
    - How the Ghosts Stole Christmas - it's just all around awesome and I really want to know what Mulder and Scully bought each other...
    - Triangle - I got to watch it like eight times for German revision purposes.
    - Dreamland - oh my. Hilarious. "Special Tramp Dana Scully!" XD
    - And the pilot episode, because while I never think of it as a favourite, I've watched it like 7 times in the two months since I became a fan and I'm still not bored of it.

    I'd say The Unnatural, but while the beginning and end were awesome, the middle sort of bored me.

    And the most paranormal thing around here is my grandad's hoover which switches itself on and starts running around without being plugged in. Reckon I can call Mulder and Scully out for that?
  • Loved X Cops when I saw it but my favourite episode has to be Tunguska. Thought I saw a ghost once but it turned out to be my liitle sister sleepwalking.
  • At the risk of having something catastrophic happen to me, I am answering this question. Oh, X-Files, how do I love thee. In fact, I'm watching it RIGHT NOW. It's the episode where Tony Shalhoub's shadow is killing people. My favorite episode ("El Mundo Gira") is the one with the migrant worker town. It's the chupacabra episode. Where the two men in the town have some sort of overactive fungus that is causing people to be eaten alive and it's being blamed on the chupacabra. I'm also a big fan of the episode "Humbug" about the Fiji Mermaid starring the Jim Rose Circus and Vincent Schiavelli. I might be biased because of my extreme love for the Jim Rose Circus. I have never experienced any real paranormal activity that wasn't the function of my own brain. I don't anticipate I ever will. If I do, I'll edit this entry.
  • My favorite episode is the one with the devil teacher. it still rocks And yes i have experienced paranormal activity. A few years ago in an old hotel in Jefferson, Tx.
  • Ok, it was the first one I ever saw and it was about these witches and it was really creepy. (No idea what it was called)

    Not yet, I haven't.

  • just only one?..... oh, i think is impossible for me, choose only one episode.... I adore all episodes!

    Well.... just one..... ok.... i'm thinking.... wait a minute..... dam!!!.... grrrrrrrr!..... you win, i choose "How the ghosts stolen christmas".

    Paranormal activity?..... i'm a paranormal phenomenon.... bwahahahahaha.

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