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Subliminal Messaging Month

In celebration of Subliminal Communications Month, come up with your own message and a way to subliminally transmit it, then write about it.

Answers (138)

  • Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions! *Giggles*
  • "Come to my LiveJournal! Read it! Comment on it!" Seriously, I'm lonely over here. :-(
  • Wow, I've been doing this all month and I didn't even know this was happening!


    What do we think now?  I missed typing my LJ page.  Usually I just click cross-post from Multiply, for the sake of keeping my five- or so year-old blog alive. 

    I still like it--I haven't gone to start hating my username (which I usually do after a couple of months of use), I still derive some sort of pleasure from reading old entries (though I still cringe a little bit, which is mandatory for all old entries, really), and I actually still think there is hope for my writing yet, though I've been going father and father from my old state of mind, when I still believed I could do this.

    Wait--this isn't being subliminal.  There isn't even any relevant message.


    For subliminal messages, refer to previous blog entries.  (I don't really have anything to talk about right now but Tax and Jostein Gaarder, but I hardly think the open webpage is an appropriate place of discussion.  Someone bring me to a book store STAT.)
  • What I would do is write out a subliminal message using the letters that begin each sentence. Each capitalized letter would also count. An unsuspecting reader would never notice that there would be a secret message. Readers beware. What would be the consequences anyway? Holding choices hostage? Inserting ideas without consent? That's ridiculous. Each decision is a person's own prerogative. The idea that subliminal messages could influence actions is absurd. Other influencing factors are stronger. Maybe they'll make decisions based on person preference or environment. Obviously, a silly message isn't going to do anything. Read between the lines all you want. Rant about it all you want. Our time can only be wasted. What can these paragraphs do?
  • I dont know how people can VOTE QUIMBY do subliminal messages, they really confuse me :P
  • lol. I designed a whole secret code a few years back.

    ...Does that count?
  • Hmm. A subliminal message...I have no idea. To everyone? Or just one person? I really have no idea. Maybe send one to the Admission's office at Oxford "You must send FickleMint an offer, read her application first, give her all your scholarships." Something to that affect maybe. hahaha I really don't know.

    In another quarter of my life. Chow mein is YUMMY. Though probably VERY not good for you.

  • ВЗБЗДНУТЬ! под- и бес-сознательно! во сне!
    Заметьте, 6 (шесть!) согласных подряд!

    Вообще-то, я довольно интеллигентный человек. В этом случае есть два оправдывающих момента - двухгодичная служба в стройбате ( до сих пор изживаю привычку думать матом, что ныне всё труднее и труднее) и незабываемые уроки украинского языка в русской школе (это волшебное слово я и узнал в 5-6 классе где-то).

  • Isn't flirting a way of 'transmitting' subliminal messages?

    "Oh!  What a cute shirt!" = "I like you."

    "Wanna go out sometime?" = "Like me back."

    "I had a fantastic time." = "Lets have sex."

    "I do." = "I own your soul now, bitch."

  • Im going to subliminally make people buy me all the things i want for my birthday. Which dosnt really amount to much. But even so. Im going to leave lists around for people to read. Webpages up with the things i like. And pop into general conversation things i 'wouldnt mind' or like. Hopefully brainwashing people into buying things i actually will like......
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