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Writer's Block

Sarah Palin?

Is Sarah Palin a shrewd choice for the Republican Party, or is she a liability?

Answers (236)

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  • A liability, shoot, she's the antichrist!!!!!!! Between her and the robot McCain, I can barely tell which one is worse.
  • Sarah Palin is a fucking IDIOT. I cannot stand her. The only reason McCain picked her was to win over all the Hillary voters with hopes that he will die while in office, thus leaving us with our first woman president. I'm sorry, but I do not want a woman that is going to turn back time and take away Roe VS. Wade. I do not want a president that is fucking close-minded enough to oppose health benefits for gay and lesbian partners, and epsecially not a woman that supported a $1.2 million non-binding advisory vote for legislation that would have taken away the partner benefits granted by an Alaska Supreme Court ruling. Seriously? Like, how fucking close-minded are you? Not to mention she's a fucking IDIOT. She was asked about the line "Under God" in the pledge of allegiance and her answer was that "If it is good enough for our founding fathers, it is good enough for me." ORLY? Cuz, last time I checked Eisenhower wasn't one of the founding fathers. Yeah, it was added in NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR you goddamn close-minded religious zealot. Oh, did I mention she wants to hunt wolves? Yeah, that's right. Let's take out one of the most beautiful species of animals so you can hunt them from a fucking AIRPLANE?! AFGRHHVUK!!!! Not to mention that she fucking wants to kill off the polar bears as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3jnbiHAMuY Besides which, what kinds of names are Track, Bristol, and Trig?? Those are three of her offspring's names. The other two are slightly more normal, being, Willow and Piper. I still hate her. Even moreso, actually. If McCain and Palin get into office, I swear I am moving to fucking Canada. Here's to hoping that they will not take over our nation and send it even higher on the most hated list of the world.
  • She's a big mouth. Let her keep talking and dig a hole...

    OBAMA '08

  • I can't really say anything about it since I haven't been watching any of the govermental debates, etc. My gut feeling however is that she can go either way. It really all depends...
  • Shes a hard right Republican who thinks shes an exception to every rule.

    Shes all for frekish high gas prices and banning abortion (*cough* *cough* pregnant daughter much)

    Shes one of the types that would bleed the country til its dry.

    Shes all for killing animals (bitch)

    And she was only nominated to snag the Hillary Women (as thats the only way in heaven OR hell that a republican would choose a FEMALE VP)

    Shes a hypocrite and I dont trust he as far as I could throw her...preferably, I'd throwher all the way back to Alaska and make her stay there with her big trap duct-taped shut.

    I think shes a horrible choice and not much of  a human being either.

    What I'm trying to say is she can suck my non-existant balls.
  • At first I thought Palin was a good choice, mostly because I didn't know shit about her (and nobody gives a fuck about Alaska!) The hype that's gone along with her has blown way out of proportions if I do say so myself. I'm still trying to figure out what's so great about her.

    McCain didn't meet Palin until 5 days before he selected her as VP runningmate. It takes me a week maybe to find a fuckable guy. AND THAT'S UNDER INFLUENCES. So there's that. Fact of the matter is is she wasn't as attractive as she is (relatively speaking for a mom of 4/5 in her 40's) then America wouldn't have given shit about her in the first place. Take Clinton for example. McCain is bland and boring. Palin came along to spice things up.

    And it will probably work. She's going to attract the women's vote. I don't dislike Palin, but no it wasn't McCain's smartest move. McCain is a lot more moderate of a Republican, while Palin is very right-winged and less flexible. One plus: She can speak in tongues! Laugh with me now.

    With all the shit that Obama is too young to lead a country.. WHAT IS THIS SARAH PALIN YOUNGER THAN OBAMA?! The Vp's job is to step into the job of the president the first day in office should anything go wrong. We also have to take into consideration that Palin has a lot larger chance of becoming president over Joe Biden. McCain is over 70 years old. He's had 3 spells of melanoma cancer and could easily develop a fourth. So think now: Does Palin have what it takes to run a country? Probably not. She's got babies with wierd names all around her, and a prego daughter on top of that. She's got her hands full as is.

    Yeah this is a glossed over, superficial look at politics. Fuck it, I don't have the energy to get into more depth. Consider this the thoughts of a 14 year-old Canadian who hasn't slept in 25 hours and is a little buzzed and on her second pack today. I smoke more at school. Give me a break.

    As if this opinions matters.

  • That woman is a fucking bitch. I could careless if she cared for her children or not, what one of my problems with her is that she's Prolife but hunts. WTF.
  • Oh Jesus. I think I've mentioned this in previous posts, but I kind of really dislike her. I do think she was a shrewd choice for the Republican Party, in that some uneducated Hilary supporters will vote the GOP ticket because Sarah Palin is, well, a woman. Those people could not be more wrong; Clinton and Palin have polar opposite platforms...however, the GOP is probably banking on these idiots to swing the vote. I really dislike the fact that people vote for, or against, a candidate because of anything other than their political standpoint and their ability to lead. Racist people who won't vote for Obama, idiots who didn't vote for Hilary because of her gender...we all know that. But then there are also those who vote for Obama because he's black (and not even full-on African-American at that), and Palin because she's a female..they disgust me just as much. Sarah Palin, if elected, will be a liability for the nation. No foreign experience? Depleting Alaska's supply of oil? Pushing for polar bears to be taken off the endangered list? Not funny, especially if McCain's physique reflects upon his age.
  • Sarah Palin is a moron! And thats all I have to say.
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