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Independence Days

While India's Independence Day is often celebrated with kites, the US celebrated with fireworks. How does each methods reflect its culture?

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  • India is very crowded, and the Hindu religion is more peaceful than Christianity and the other major religions in USA. Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • India is too poor for fireworks.

  • well, i dont know TOO much about indias present day culture, but it seems that maybe they are more peaceful than we are. they might appreciate the simpler things....americans tend to need more excitement...thrills.....grandeur.....THAT is waht entertains us. maybe in india not so much of that is necessary.
  • Воздух и огонь. Это стихии. А культура... А что в США она существует?
  •  What a deep question. Too deep to be answered here.
    Besides, I don't wanna side with countries, which I no doubtedly will if I answer this question fully :D
  • India's Independence Day is on August 15. I'm not sure how Independence Day is practiced in Pakistan, but in India it's practiced with kite flying instead of fireworks. India and Pakistan used to be the same country, but torn apart by religious wars and religious intolerance. Muslims stay in Pakistan and hindus stay in India. For Pakistan and India to be united again as a single country would require a level of religious tolerance that Pakistan isn't capable of right now (or possible ever). Anyway, I'm only guessing why India have replaced fireworks with kites. America's Idependence Day is on July 4 and it was a day of dire violence and blood soaked battle. The United States of America's liberation from England was violent and chaotic. The fireworks might be a metaphore for the violence and battle that lead to the creation of the United States. However, Mahatma Gandhi crusade to liberate India from England was peaceful and non-violent. Not a single bullet was fired and not a single bomb was detonated. Mahatma Gandhi did the impossible and liberated a country without resorting to war, violence, chaos and death. I'm assuming that the kites was a metephore to represent Mahatma Gandhi commitment to a policy of non-violence and the preservation of the human spirit.
  •  with no disrespect to any americans.. fireworks embodie exactly what america represents... warfare!!
    without any reflection on the anti- bushes. america is one of the worlds most  powerfull countries and has has always exercised its power in horiffic ways.. vietnam, iraq, afgahanistan.. so many axamples of unjustified wars. the country seems to elect war mongers nd mad men to represent them a la george bush.

    indias method represents  freedom , peace and tranquillity, the true meaning of indpendence.
    fireworks are a reminder of the many bombs that have exploded over the years kiling many a civilian  of which america lighted the fuse.

    this is a very good observation, btw!!

  •  i think that India's celebration with kites sounds nice. it's a calm way but still equally beautiful way to celebrate. Even though i love fireworks they do seem very showy and loud kinda almost arrogant
  • Does anyone else realize the irony here? Kites and Fireworks were both invented in China. Which just goes to show that no one can escape Chinese made goods. What does THAT say about our culture?
  • Well in India they have more wind then we do. i have to say that  yes the outside states will have great wind and the kites would work but there are a few states that don't have much wind. So i guess one thing works well-fire works. it also goes along with out anthem the rocket's red flare.
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