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What's the most romantic thing you have done for someone?

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  • Most of you are going to know the details setting up this answer; some of you will even remember being there.

    I am part of a historical re-creation organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism.  (I say I am part of this organization even though I haven't been active in it for over three years.  My heart is still with my friends.)  The SCA has over 30,000 members worldwide, split into 19 regional "kingdoms" each ruled over by a king and queen.  The region of Texas in the Central time zone and Oklahoma is known as the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and it's there that I played for a number of years.  It's also there that I met the woman that was to become my wife.

    We weren't much on marriage at first - well, she wasn't, anyway.  She'd been married before, and she was perfectly happy to "live in sin forever."  I, however, was very keen on having a wife.

    We started dating in 2000, and on September 8, 2001, at an event I asked her, kind of jokingly, "marry me," with her knowing that if I ever asked her it would be something formal, decidedly not nonchalant.  She actually for once said yes!  I asked her if she meant it, and she said yes, she did, she would marry me that very day if there was someone there to do the deed.  I kinda changed the subject and then said I had some stuff that I had to go take care of, and then beelined to the Crown and the Baron and Baroness of the local group to ask them if I could propose to my girlfriend at the local Yule Revel in December.  They said not only could I do it, but that I'd have to do it in court.

    Thus started three months of planning and plotting.

    I already knew what kind of ring to get - tanzanite, trillian cut, white gold.  Finding it was the hard part.  That took about a week on the Internet.

    I separately asked both her mother and her father for her hand in marriage.  They both seemed impressed.

    I had to be sure that she had nice clothes to wear for court, and I couldn't just say *hey, let's get you an outfit for Yule Revel* without raising some suspicion.  So I hatched the plan that we were going to pay back largess that we owed to the Queen (which we actually did, for a favor that she did for us earlier in the year, before she was Queen) - only now that she was Queen, we were going to make a show out of it.  My girlfriend bought into it and went along with the shopping for fabric and sizing for the outfit.  She went along with me while I went to buy the chocolates that served as the largesse that we owed and the extra stuff that we bought as "interest" (actually, my payment for playing along with my schtick).  And she actually helped write the script that we wrote for the skit.

    What she didn't know, is that there was another script being written alongside that one.  One that went further.

    The day of Yule Revel came by, December 8, 2001, and we had people that had come down from Oklahoma to Houston supposedly to merchant for the day, but really to see the proposal.  It just so happened that I was called away for about three hours and there was plenty of chance for my girlfriend to have changed the script on me.  At least, that's the story I was going to stick to in court when we digressed from what she knew.

    There were about 400 people in the hall as the court progressed and we finally got to the point the our business came up.

    We walked forward, the two of us, with her arm on mine.  My girlfriend had a lady-in-waiting, who I had employed - quite literally - just in case my lady ran, fainted, or decked me.  We had a herald, who extolled our virtues and told of what we were doing there, right on cue.  My girlfriend suspected nothing - until, that is, our herald, started making promises of land and livestock - things that were decidedly not on the script.  (He ad-libbed a bit, so even I didn't know what he was saying.)

    I acted shocked.  My girlfriend acted even more shocked.  I played innocent and claimed that she changed things around while I was gone.  She, rightfully, protested and defended herself.

    I asked my herald for that which he had brought back from the Holy Land.  He stalled.  "This box?"  "Yes, Michael."  More stalling.  (More panicking on my part.)  "Oh, you mean now?"  "Yes, now, Michael."  And he handed me the box.

    The box contained the ring, which I had secreted off to the hands of the lady in waiting a week earlier, who had then gotten it to him earlier in the day without suspicion.  And then I turned to my girlfriend, and I started with the most pivotal piece of the puzzle.

    I had written an Elizabethan sonnet about our love, which in 14 lines extolled how I couldn't live without her, narrated my dropping to one knee, and then asking for her hand in marriage.

    And she stood there, stunned.

    It felt like 30 seconds, but it was probably more like five, before the audience started prompting her.  "Say yes!"  "Yes!"  "You can say yes anytime!"  And she finally nodded and said, "OK,"  and we stood there and hugged to thunderous applause.  They gave a Society level award that night, to a very deserving lady, but we got the biggest cheer of the evening.

    And that's how my girlfriend became my fiancee.  And on October 31, 2002, we got married.  And that's a completely different story.
  • I have laid a blanket on the floor, candlelight around, lingerie, soft music, me and my man.  My most romantic is still to come when my husband gets home from Iraq.
  • Done this one? Dunno. Took them on an all nighter at the pound shop. No, seriously, I got them a miner's hat with the face of a cat on it. No seriously. No, seriously. No, seriously....I actually haven't a clue. Probably that Divine Comedy cd. I'm sorry about this. I've been watching a video of The New Zealand Story and it's sending me down a corridor of insanity. It's all about the balloons and kiwis these days.
  • I told the person I loved them. And that was enough; for me and that person.
  • I really love doing things for Sarah, and I've done a lot of little things like randomly send her a little present with a card (and of course a scratchie :P ) for no particular reason but because I enjoy and she gets all excited. First, I'll make the distinction between the most romantic thing done FOR someone and done WITH someone. The first thing that's popped into my head was when Sarah was living in this place over the other side of town, and they ended up having no hot water for over a day.......this was in Summer, so it's not like going without a shower was such a great idea. Anyway, long story short, I ended up making her a full bath by boiling the kettle many many times and simultaneously boiling a few pots as well. Made it complete with bubbles and all. I also once gave her full body massage for 2 hours non stop...... I think that might be the winner haha.
  • I broke up with him and introduced him to my BFF Jason.  They have been together now for twelve years and plan to get married next month.

  • The most romantic thing I have done for someone.. That would have to be between two things ive done for my girlfriend Jaquese.

    First would have to be Valentines day.  I made her think all she was getting was a bear from me, so I had her come over very early in the morning, around 6:30 a.m.  She got to my garage door and I said close your eyes, when she came in I told her to open them.  Before her was a trail of hershey kisses and dove hearts lit by candles to my room.  Once she got to my door, I said close your eyes again, and I opend the door and let her in.

    When she was in my room she opened her eyes, and was greated to two dozen roses, a vermont teddy bear and 3 balloons on my bed.  While in the background nothing but smooth romantic R&B was playing.  The room was also dimly lit by candles.  It was truly a special moment for her, and I can tell because the first thing she could do when she walked in and saw it all was kiss me.

    The second would have to have been recently, and I think it was more romantic, because I did it for no reason other than to make her feel loved and appreciated.  Early in the day I went to our work, and stapled a card to her check filled with some fake rose petals.  I then waited outside a place she had to go and went into her car, and left her a dozen roses, a stuffed tiger, and another card.  Next I waited til she got home and gave her a choclate rose.  Later we went to dinner and she got another card, this one had a slip of paper with a few words on it.   When we finally got home, I had her come in my room.  She stood under my fan and I turned it on and it rained fake rose petals upon her head.  

    Then on my bed was a bear, another dozen roses, and a bag of her favorite candy.  There was also another slip of paper by the candy with another number on the back.  This is where the fun began.. There were twenty balloons on my floor, and each of them were filled with a piece of paper and fake rose petals.  Each time she popped a balloon it would send petals flying.  Eventually she popped them all and figured out the papers were a poem I wrote to her.  After she pieced it together, I read her the poem, and it is as follows.

    I once thought there was no chance,
    Only a foolish desire,
    To have someone as beautiful as you.
    I always dreamt of being this happy,
    but sadly each time I awoke.

    Now I realize each day I live,
    I am living that dream.
    The only reason for this,
    Is YOU.

    We've had our troubles, our trials,
    but we've fought through them... Together.
    Now its time to realize,
    Nothing else matters,
    As long as we have each other.

    This love can not, and will not be stopped.
    Two names that sound so right:
    Jaquese and Stevan,
    Stevan and Jaquese,
    until the end.

    If you read this, I love you Jaquese.  If you are someone other than her, I hope you envy or wish for your significant other to do that same for you, and realize just how much I truly do care for this wonderful woman.

  • twas quite a while ago but for chrimbo one year there was this guy i liked and i gave him a red rose it didn't quite go to plan coz i was gonna leave it on his doorstep and leave a message with it but his sis answered the door before i could run lol but it was romantic kinda dontchya think? and his door light was shining down on me lol which just happened to make it even more embarrasing for me coz i can be a really shy person lol

  • I cite the following story as the most romantic thing I've ever done, though others may attest otherwise, because i had the most romance inside of me, and strongest feelings at the time.

    [the names have been changed for privacy purposes.]

    My friends and I decided to go to a resteraunt, though I can't recall which it was, for dinner.  It was Me, Theory[m], Singer[f], Catholic[f], and Potter[f].  More were there but I don't remember who, or what their purpose in the story is. Catholic is the girl we're focusing on in this story*. I wanted nothing more than for her to become my girlfriend, as lame as that sounds. 

    After dinner, we were deciding what to do, so we walked around the shopping center that it was located at.  We found ourselves in EarthFare, basically a store with a bunch of organic crap food.  And roses.  There was a bunch, i don't see any difference in them, it's just the color. There are so many names for them, i go by red, pink, and white.  Catholic saw them, and fell in love with one bouquet, seeing as how they were her favorite type. Some fancy name I don't remember. 

    I was in a bind, my friends.  I could spend the money that I had, and get her the roses, I could afford them. The only problem with that is, she probably didn't like me back. If i buy them, I'l look awkward, and put her in an awkward spot. OR I could avoid the oppurtunity, forever regretting not doing it, always wondering what wouldve happened between us had I done it.  So I did.

    I bought them and gave them to her.  The outcome? I was right, awkward.  I knew she didn't like me, she probably liked the roses a lot more than she did me.  but hey, it was worth a shot right? So the moral of the story is, "take the chance. "

    *Catholic and I had been talking deeply on the phone for the past several nights, and had become considerably close friends.
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