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You and A Fictional Character of Your Choice

If you were stranded on an island with a fictional character, who would it be and why?

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  • Oddish, because I love oddish.
  • Конечно, Робинзон! Он знает, что к чему и с чего начать, что бы выжить....
  • I would pick  Elminster.  On top of the great stories we could tell to each other (him telling and me listening more likely), he could then just port us outta there.
  • ALEX FUCKING CABOT mmmm. Hell, or Ziva b/c then she could build us shit and we could just live there. ahhh, ziva.
  • Hello people!

    Oh, jeez. I'm gonna run through a few of them, kay? 

    Let's see, Jack Bauer, cuz when he's on a break from counter-terrorism, he really chills out (and, from the evidence I've gathered from the past seven seasons of 24, he and his then-girlfriend have a lotta sex, LOL).

    Seeley Booth, cuz I think he'd take care of me and we'd be havin' lotsa fun. ;]

    "Stephen Colbert," cuz he's a hardcore Republican, but he's got a fixation with sex. XD

    Dean Winchester, cuz he's all about teh sex.

    And Phil Ken Sebben, cuz he's nothing but dirty jokes and Stephen Colbert!voice! 

    Yeah, all I'm thinking about is sex, LOL, what else is new? ;]

    I've always had a secret fantasy (get your mind outta the gutter) of having my own little home on my own little island out in the middle of nowhere. That's why I like The Sims2: Castaway so much; I made my dream vacation house in a huge clearing near a waterfall.

    And what would I do if I had such a house and an island? Screw whoever's there with me, lol! And relax in the clearing and look out at the ocean and make my own food from the fruit and nuts I find in the jungle. <3

    I'm done, LOL.

    Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*
  • If I was stranded on an island with a fictional character, it would be totally Jasper Hale, from the Twilight series.  Of course, it would be him because, well, I love him, and uhmmm I would want to survive with him. His, dazzling ways, Oh yeah, and ummmm, it's just that, well, he's so intelligent, smart, and his charisma.  Actually with him, it will be easy to survive.
    Plus, he can always make me calm when I begin to worry about the worse that could happen. :]
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  • Captain Jack. There would be a hell of a lot of sex before he called the Doctor to come and pick us up.

    I feel very, very sixteen today. AARGH.
  • OMG, there are so many choices. The obvious one would be Megan Reeves from Numb3rs, because she is, like, my fav fictional character ever. Yeah, that's the one. God, I love that woman.
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