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What does your favorite "you" outfit consist of?

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  • v-neck from forever 21 (various colors)
    skinny jeans


  • My favorite "me" outfit is an old leather jacket, a polo,a graphic t-shirt,really long jeans, my i-pod, and a pair of black boots.Also a matching hat. I consider my i-pod a part of myself and a part of my outfit.
  • My 'me' outfit would have to be my american eagle demin bermuda shorts, my t-shit that says "Every moment with you is a moment I treasure" and it's a stick person hugging their computer, and my llama toque... Which explains my nerd-ish self.
  • A great pair of bootleg jeans, wonderful heels, comfortable brown, silky shirt, brown earring, necklace, coconut bracelet, coconut purse. 
  • Jean...well fitting shirt and some sneakers. :)
  • Well, my tastes have changed over the times, but one article of clothings has remained a staple throughout the years. Jeans. I'm a comfort, dressy/casual kind of girl so whether it's jeans, jean shorts, jean skirts, jean jackets, w/e. Jeans are a part of my wardrobe as much as food is a part of my diet. Beyond that though my styles have changed. In high school I was more a tomboy wearing boyish clothing, I didn't hit my feminine stride until my early twenties. But even then, jeans didn't fade out of my wardrobe, I just went from loose fit to slim fit. Beyond jeans however, as stated before, my tastes have changed with the times, not to mention I'm as much of a "wear something to match my mood" person as ever. If I wanna be scruby, I wear scruby stuff, if I wanna be sexy, I wear attractive clothing, if I wanna be laid back and fun, I wear casual fun clothing. So I guess I don't have a specific "me" outfit persay, but jeans are as much me as anything else I've ever worn. (I hate being this bored at work -_-)
  • umm i would defiantly have to say a pair or gap relaxed straight leg jeans, a gap comfy v-neck T and a pair of flip flops and a pull over when it gets cold but never shoes, i always wear flip flops
  • Well jeans (always) and then it's hard to pick. I love my grey t-shirts and my Autobots shirt ^_^, but I'd say the most "me" like one would be my grey "Under this T-Shirt I'M NAKED " shirt =P. It's a fan favourite which I usually break out for parties where I don't know many people, it's a good conversation piece haha.

  • I have a few different outfits that i love to wear to school and out .

    my fave school outfit would have to be :
    blue straight jeans , a band shirt , my converse , and a big hoodie that keeps me warm .

    fave outfit outside of school is : 
    my rugby sweats , a big long t-shirt and slippers .
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