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A Posthumous Oscar for Joker?

Do you think Heath Ledger deserves the Oscar for his role in the Dark Knight?

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    Yes, I do.
  • i think heath ledger has long deserved an oscar. epsecially for the dark knight. his performance was sensational. nobody could have done it better. without heath ledger, the dark knight would have been nothing. and i'm not saying he deserves it because i'm in love with the guy, but he was an extremely talented actor. and of course, insanely gorgeous. he worked hard for the role, and because of this role, it basically wore him to the ground.  anyways, he really deserves this oscar.. and if it's given to robert downey jr.. i just won't be happy.
  • The answer would be hell-freakin-yes. He was brilliant!!!
    Miss you mate. R.I.P.
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  • He did an amazing job in that movie.  He should at least get nominated for it.  If he wins, that would be pretty cool... but weird.  Who cares if he can't get on the stage and thank people for it.  He deserves the Oscar
  • Yes. Yes he does. I will be seeing that clown in my nightmares. Did you SEE the funky-tongue action? AAAAARGH i hate how you can hear his mouth without looking at it! (If that makes any sense). The Joker done at his best, a frighteneningly good performance. 

    I hate to say it, but the fact that he died in what i would call, suspicious circumstances really added to it. It was just...scary......and i've NEVER found a supervillian frightnening before, but here it was a case of 'Don't be alone with him, he'll knife your mouth!!!!' actual-hands-in-mouth-tension and i don't do that with non-horror movies.
    But then again, it's the Oscars...which are getting so unpredictable you wonder if they're some years given out for crappy peformances on a whim. the Oscars love the pretenscious and Heath was definitly not pretentious-so in that respect, no he doesn't deserve an Oscar.

    But he certainly deserves SOMETHING for that part. Especially if it did transpire to have ended up killing him after all.......

  • YES!! He was amazing as the joker!
  • ABSOLUTELY. i saw it, and he was utterly phenomenal. i could hardly even tell it was heath. he did an outstanding job.
  • YES!

  • Heck yes!!! He was amazingly amazing in that movie!
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