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Writer's Block

Deals & Steals

What’s the best deal you’ve gotten recently? How did you find it/make it happen?

Answers (28)

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  • One free month of Netflix! WOOT! A few years ago, after I quit being a member I got an e-mail from Netflix saying that I was elligable to be part of a law suit that was about the slow shipping and DVDs arriving damaged. I was like, "What the hell" and signed it, thinking nothing would happen with it. Finally, a few weeks ago I get another e-mail saying that they resolved the matter and everyone who was a part of it got either one month free with 3-DVDs out at a time, or a heavily discounted price for having like 4-DVDs out at a time. I was like, "FREE! HELL YEA!" I'm using this free month to rent all the movies that I've wanted to see on Bluray! Oooohhh...

    I'm still not sure if I'm going to become a member once again since I already have Rent Anime...
  • When I was getting a packet of fags the other day the lad behind the counter gave me change for a twenty pound note when I'd only passed him a tenner. I didn't notice it myself until two hours later which gives you an indication of how alert I am at 7:30am on a weekday morning!
  • There's just so much going on inside me right now, I might just explode. I might just want to. And Crystal Castles are just fucking groovy.
  • I washed my old Converse shoes.
    Hey, new-ish, awesome, spiffeh, LIMITED EDITION converse for S$0.00/- (simply because I resurrected them)!
  • i'm in the mood for a movie with my dinner i'm cooking. lasagna, garlic bread and a salad yummmm!! i wish i had a movie theater in my house and dark knight played 24/7. yessss....i loved it that much. when alex and i went to see it a couple of weeks back it made my night....no wait my life :)  
  •  I manged to find the supernatural season one boxed set at best buy for 20$.
    The set usually costs 50$. I was very happy
  • The actual best bargain I can say I've ever got in my whole entire life time, is buying my 2 toe irregular choice flats! Irregular choice shoes are about £40-£50 for flats and I bought a brand new never used pair for 50p! Some people are so stupid when giving clothes away to charity! That's sounds awful... what I meant was if they knew how much their clothing is and they care about charity they'd sell them for a higher price and donate the money! Better than 50p any way!
  • Hmm. I haven't done a writer's block in a while.

    The best deal I've gotten recently is my cleaning job - I clean for my mum, and for my great aunt, whilst she's in hospital - it's five quid an hour, which for me is pretty decent - it usually takes me about four or five hours, and I can be totally flexible with when I do it, rather than having a real job, that I probably couldn't make it to all the time.
    It's nice to actually do something for my money - rather than just try and bum it off my mum all the time - because that was totally unfair.

    The best deal, as in pricewise of something I've bought, is parts one, two and three of GitS:SAC for six pounds, basically new. :D

  • Just yesterday one of my neighbors moved out and left a bunch of stuff by the side of the road, So i decide to go and take a look. I got a bunch of shit. 2 sets of Skis Water cooler lamps a desk fishing reel power tools and a bunch of really nice drinking glasses. There a lot more stuff i found but it would you know. Lot and lots of cool stuff man. a href="http://s263.photobucket.com/albums/ii130/renoncasm/?action=view¤t=DSC02425.jpg" target="_blank">Photobucket Photobucket
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