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Is there a story behind your real name or avatar? How did you end up being called that?

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  • My nickname is Hermione McGonagall (on FanFiction.net is Hermone Jean Mcgonagall, because my mickname has on it site when I has registrated(( ), because I ADORE Minerva McGonagall and Maggie Smith, of course.
    I like as Hermione Granger almost. I veeery want what Minerva McGonagall would be my mamma or granny))
    Plus. My most favourite pairing is Minerva/Hermiome.
    But Hermione McGonagall... I has read fic 'Harry McGomagall' and thougth like as 'If have Harry McGonagall, I can have nickname do not Hermiome Granger, but...'
    So, my nickname is Hermione McGonagall or Hermione Jean McGonagall.

  • I picked up the nickname Sarge when I first started in the effects field. My name is Jeff Sargent, so when the IT guy came by to get me set up to access the system, we tried Jeff, Jeffery, Jeffy, even Jeff S, but they were all taken, so I punched in Sarge, figuring it was short and easy to remember. I didn't realize it would also be my email address, as well as be automatically put on the slate whenever I submitted a shot for review in dailies. Within 3 months Sarge was pretty much it - I received a package at the front desk addressed to Jeffery Sargent, and it stayed up there because the receptionist didn't know who Jeff Sargent was. When I moved to LA to work, my first job was on the recommendation of a former coworker, so they were calling me Sarge before I even had my interview. After that it was more of the same. 13 years as Sarge makes it feel odd when someone calls me Jeffery.

    The avatar is just me sporting kickass welding goggles.
  • The answer is naturally twofold.

    I'll start with the easy one. Ixmythot is an anagram of my true name, mixed with the Kingdom Hearts cliche "X" addition that the Nobody race seems to worship on a level just below that of the Rydia fanboys.

    Second: Going off of that answer, I tend to use the name in situations where RL people would view it, and not have to question what I'm doing, as the name tends to reflect the duality of my RL personality.

    As for the avatar, it's of Magus, from Chrono Trigger, nuff said

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  • Wow. That question takes me back...

    I guess it came first from an old, old RP character of mine. When I was around... twelve, was it? Yes, that's when I started Neopets, and "RPing". In quotes, because it was... uh. xD Not pretty when I first started. My first real RP character was Silver, a Zafara on Neopets. I really enjoyed playing her with my old friends, those are some of the best memories I have, really - she was tough, confident, powerful, everything I didn't feel like I was in real life. I was a sad, scared kid back then, and I needed someone to lean on, even if that someone was a made-up creature in my head who probably displayed all the horrible signs of Mary-Sue-ism!

    So yeah, I guess I wanted to be like her - and took the name accordingly. I haven't thought about that in years, honestly - I've moved on in a hell of a lot of ways... but kept the name. I guess it's always been a little source of strength, and good memories.

    Also I just really, really like the color/element/word silver and have a thing for putting in "y"s for othyr vowyls. I dunno why.

    Heh. Nostalgia blast.
  • Aqua/water is my favourite element and I really love my cat! Especially her fluffy paws and big eyes. :D So my name adds together two important things to me.
  • Heh... had the "QKat" part since middle school... Q cause of Quatre from Gundam Wing... I'm a total pacifist (and no, I promise, it's not JUST because I'm a wimp. I think fighting's pretty much wrong in any situation...) and Kat cause... well... Imma kitty. Or as much of one as a sane human being can be. The crazy part... well... I'm kiiiinda crazy... in that fun "no one's completely sane, anyway" way.

    I'm still feeling all girlie cause of Andrew.... <3 I'm such a girl.

  •    Well, my real name is not chrislink as you can guess, but Christopher. I don’t like it so I use Chris. Why chrislink you ask? The answer is… it’s actually a good question. Actually, it’s a nickname I use on other forums, and as I’m forgetful, I used it again here.

       My avatar, huh? There’s actually a bit of a story behind it. So, good people, brace yourselves for a tale of adventure, magic, tragic destiny…

       Once upon a time, I created a blog. I was my first shot at writing regularly. Not a very successful one at that, but that’s another story. So, this blog needed a banner. A great one.

    Wait, no. That’s actually the opposite. I had made a banner that needed a blog. Whatever. When I was studying editing, I also started learning how to use Photoshop and now, you could say that I’m an addict. Making banners, wallpapers, working on my photographs, you name it.

       Anyway, during its one year of existence I changed my blog’s banner four times. The first one was crappy, the second one was good, the third one I liked (it lasted more than 4 months) and the last one I’m proud of. It took me some time to make it, but I’m happy with the results. So back to my avatar. The last banner I made is the first in a series. In the first one, I used a picture of Dead Like Me and a picture of Stargate’s city of Atlantis which I used again for the second one. After that, I wanted to use pictures of Battlestar Galactica. It took me hours to work it out, but I finally came with something decent, completely different from what I had in mind at first. Unfortunately, it’s height prevented from becoming a banner, so I made a wallpaper of it. And an avatar. This avatar.

       So this picture actually has a meaning to me. It’s something I worked hard on, and something I created.


  • My name is Sandra and as far as I know, there is no reason for it other than it sounds really good if said with some type of foreign accent.  My screen name for LJ is just a play on my first and last names.  Sandy (obvious) and bee because my last name starts with a B and I like daisies (hence the picture) so it all goes.  Yes, I know... real original.  I did not give it much thought when I first set LJ up so it is what it is.
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