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Writer's Block


On Your Tombstone

What do you want written on your gravestone and why?

Answers (235)

  • Hey, whats that light?
  • Daughter, mother, wife, friend.
  • "You're too late. She's taking a dirt nap. Now you have to wait in line with the others."

  • "Vanished." (It's how Gef the talking mongoose announced he was leaving a room)
  • Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • "I told you I was sick!"
  • Something short and to the point. Something that only I really get the meaning of, but everyone else can interpret their own way. Something written in a beautiful foreign language, like ancient greek or swahili. Something to make people think about life and death, to encourage people to value life and living and everything beautiful that this world has to offer. Who the hell am I kidding? It's a gravestone. People will read it once then never comes back. Everyone forgets you after your dead. I think that's the real reason why I'm afraid of dying. Not because death is a great unknown, a vast emptiness. Not because it'll hurt, or be scary or anything else. Because I'm afraid of being forgotten. When a person loses someone close to them, they're consumed by grief. But, as time passes they learn to deal with the pain, and slowly the dead pass from their thoughts. Dying brings about the ultimate ignorance; out of sight, out of mind. I don't want to be forgotten. KIM McCOSKER July 1 1991 - xxxx Loving daughter and sister. Good friend to many. But she's been forgotten now. RIP.
  • "will someone just use a damn phoenix down, please?!?!" i am an avaid rpg gamer. final fantasy has an item called a phoenix down, and it revives an unconcious character and gives them a minimal amount of hp.
  • возможно что вот это: "здесь лежит нетленный прах того, кто последним пытался остановить силы зла и рост энтропии"
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