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In the Event of a Zombie Emergency

Are you prepared for a zombie outbreak, or are you just going to wing it?

Answers (234)

  •                                                                                         oh yeah, we're prepared! we have rocket launchers and grenades in the basement, baby!! :D
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  • yup.... I'm going to gather various weapons and head to the nearest mall and hide out there till it all blows over :D
  • I'm going to wing it - and in short, I'm pretty much screwed. If I can make it to the shooting range in North St Marys, I should be set for a little bit longer because I'll be able to hopefully obtain at least A gun.
  • I think I would wing it honestly. Life is more exciting that way. All I need is a shotgun right?

  • Not really prepared.. but I've read the books I'll know what to do I have a few weapons I have a good idea of where I'll go yeah....
  • I'm pretty prepared. I've got several week's worth of disaster-survival supplies hidden in my closet, and I'm working on zombie-proofing it and installing bathroom facilities.
  •  Am I prepared for a zombie outbreak or am I going to wing it....hmm.  Lets thing shall we?  In all of the movies, the people that are the cause of the zombies (ie: evil corporations) are prepared for zombie outbreaks.  The hero in the movie is not.  The corporations usually end up losing almost every single member  and dying horriable deaths, AND THEY WERE PREPPARED!.  I'll stick with winging it thanks.  Cinimatic history showes that when you wing it you are more likely to live through the attack...and develope cool zombie fighting powers in the meantime.
  • Oh, me and my big brother make speculations of what would happen in a zombie outbreak ALL the time! He always tells me that he would have me hide in the attic, then go steal a huge truck since we live right next to a car dealership. And since almost everyone in my family are weapon freaks, we'd have plenty to arm ourselves with! Unfortunately since he is now in Wilmington and I'm in Salt Lake City, that's a bit hard to pull off. So I've decided to barracade (sp?) myself into the most well protected area I can find (most likely my room or the computer room's closet) with the cats, the sharp but crappy butcher knives and wait for someone to save my sorry ass XD
  • well, i've become a pro at resident evil, so i know how to kill the stupid zombies. so i think that as long as i had a gun and some amo, i would be fine. like i'd take some stuff with me in a backpack, meet up with a few friends like my friends brother, who's kickbutt at resident evil, so i'd have some backup... then we'd head whereever the zombies weren't, i've never really thought about a real zombie outbreak though. like i did have a dream once that me and my friend were on my roof, and the whole zombie thing did happen, and her brother was with us and we all had guns from the game and  were just shooting the zombies left & right. it was so funny, because we were playing the game before i went to bed, which is probley why i dreamed about it. but resident evil 4, on the wii gets you even more prepared! haha. so yeah, i'd be prepared.... but somethings i would totaly wing it :)

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