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What makes you feel better when you're mad?

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  • Like, I said earlier, I'm growing...

    I've found that...
    I like to listen to music, nurture flowers, juice, play with dogs, juggle;. and, yes...
    I write about life.


  • Friends and family.
  • What's wrong with being mad? *Someone whispers into Fay's ear* Oh, mad as in *angry*! Gotcha. Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • по обстоятельствам..Иногда хватает и горячего чая и книжечки,иногда  это давняя приятельница с болтовней ни о чем и обо всем,а иногда нужно куда нибудь уехать...в другой город...самый лучший вариант  это Питер или Краков
  •  What usually makes me feel better when i am mad or down is music.  Music means the world to me, so it always cheers me up.  Wheather i am writing a song, singing, playing guitar, or sharing this with my band, nothing can bring me down.*
  • 1) Punching things. Unfortunately for my knuckles, this includes walls, desks, and other furniture that really shouldn't be violently attacked. 2) Listening to very strange songs. Examples include Blood, Sex and Booze by Green Day, Dead! by My Chemical Romance (or anything by My Chem), and Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes by Marilyn Manson. Random techno is also good for me. 3) Writing or reading Harry Potter fanfic, especially disturbing slash pairings.
  • ask a stupid prompt
  •  Art and Music. When I'm really mad I'll put on my headphones with the volume way up listen to something with a lot of percussion and draw for a few hours.
  • Just not being mad is usually enough.  Sometimes I pace a bit.

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