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What was the first music album you ever bought or owned? Do you still listen to it or have you moved on?

Answers (235)

  • It was Bon Jovi and the album was called Crush....
    I still listen to it because it has some of my favorite songs on their. Also I love the band.
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  • brittany spears. i think the CD was called, Baby One More Time
    : )

  • Первый альбом,который я сама купила  был группы "Кино"(до этого  я просто понравившиеся песни скачивала и все). Да,я его и сейчас слушаю иногда ,разочарования  не произошло.
  • Sorry my anglish veri BED, I not normal wirate bloks.
  • О, давно это было! Как сейчас помню, это было американское издание альбома моей любимой группы The Cure "Wish" 1991 года. Покупал в "Пурпурном легионе", еще на Дербеневской, по-моему, набережной. Купил точно этот CD первым. Хотя... Если совсем честно, покупал два сразу, второй был "Treasure" Cocteau Twins. Но я всегда считал именно Wish моей первой покупкой на CD.
    Господи, сколько ж лет-то прошло... А до сих пор один из любимейших дисков.
  • Well, the first SINGLE I "owned" as a child (probably bought for me by my parents), was "A Little More Love" by Olivia Newton-John. The first ALBUM was, of course, "Abba: The Album". I mean, I WAS destined to be gay, wasn't I? Then when I was around 11, and saved my wage from being a paperboy to buy a Walkman, the first CASSETTE I brought was Culture Club's "Kissing to be Clever". And then, at the age of around 18, when I started working in Wellington, and flatting, the first ever CD I purchased was the Liza Minelli / Pet Shop Boys collaboration, "Results". Oh, the Gay Music gene is my predominant one, definitely! :-)
  • ugh very embarrassing but it was either eminem's "the eminem show" or blink 182's "take off your pants and jacket". can't remember which but whoa, my taste in music has changed! ☮
  • Savage Garden's first album. Still my favorite album of all time. I've already worn out two copies and am so thankful for the invention of the iPod because I probably would have worn out several more by now, lol!
  • I can't remember exactly which year it was, but I remember that it was in Middle School. My sister and I got our very own boom boxes with CD players in them. Along with that I got Alanis Morisette's "Jagged Little Pill" album. Great album. I can't believe I would listen to something so depressing at such a young age, though. The CD is all scratched and almost unplayable now, but that album was listened to for years and years. Got me through some rough adolescent times. In High School, I started to hang out with a group of friends that weren't too good. I got myself into some trouble with them a few times, and my mom grounded me. She took away all of my black clothing, my "gothic" jewelry, and all of my music except for this album. I would sit in my room all day (after school), in my Milwaukee Bucks sweatshirt, and just play this album over and over. The songs bring back all sorts of memories, good and bad.
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