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Food Loves and Hates

What foods can you not live without, and what foods can you not stomach?

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  • Люблю мясо!)))
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  • I can't live without Skittles! And German or Swiss chocolate and Nutella when, how, and where ever I can get it. That's about it for stuff I can't live without, but I also really like ice cream with strawberries or carmel or butterscotch syrup, Special K bars, ranch Doritos....mostly junk! But I also really like green peppers, pepper Jack cheese, and South Asian dishes involving lamb

    Can't stomach: most forms of eggs (except omelettes with lots of other stuff in them,) most forms of pork, large burgers, spaghetti with ground-up beef in the sauce, brats, milk, smelly cheeses, sourdough bread, cheap lunch meat, any seafood or fish except grilled catfish (from ONE restaurant halfway across the country from where I live,) with black pepper and a lot of lemon juice, hot dogs (who KNOWS what's in them anyway?) Cheetos, Altoids sours, and almost anything that's fermented (except some wines and champagne, but then again, that's not really FOOD.) But I hardly drink. One glass on holidays and on Saturday nights with dinner on the boat in the summer, and that's IT. I totally can't stomach beer (I tried it once by ACCIDENT).
  • I can safely say I can not live without chef boyardee. I eat it no matter what time of day it is, or what the weather. Ice cream, chicken, fruits & veggies, and pasta are definitely all up there. I'm hardly a picky person, I just about anything, and I never notice quality in food. However, you will never get me to shove a tomato down my throat. A tomato is the only thing in the world with the ability to make me gag.
  • LOVE -Chocolate, especially dark chocolate -Ice Cream -Chinese Food -Fried chicken dinners -Italian food -Dairy products -Casseroles (many of them) -Pizza -breakfast food, almost anything -Fast food joints like KFC, Mc Donald's, Hardees, pizza hut -Meat like Pork and chicken and of course beef dishes. -freshly baked bread -Various kinds of soup especially homemade chicken noodle -Many kinds of veggies HATE -Spinach -Olives -Seafood -Mexican (and for a good reason. It gives me stomach problems due to the spices) -salad, especially the ones involving mayo -beets -not a big fruit eater though i do love apples and strawberries -Liver and onions
  •     Очень люблю японскую кухню,но к сожалению не имею возможности есть ее часто. Т.к. живу в Казахстане,а в нашем портовом городе приличные суши,роллы и другие вкусности,так и  не научились делать. Выход один - научится самой делать. Надо тока взяться,но с моей ленью это практически невозможно. Так что приходится мне только в командировках или в отпускных поездках наедаться моими любимыми лакомствами.
  • I can't live without some sort of fruit - usually strawberries, kiwi fruit or a nice crunchy red apple. i just the love the juicyness, and how they are able to sort of quench your thirst. 
    i also need some sort of sugar - frequently get sugar cravings, sometimes even the shakes, so i have to grab some sort of sugar - ive got a stash of eclairs in the cupboard, and can usually find some marshmellows 'cause of dad. 

    There's alot of foods that i can't stomach, very smell orientated and my stomach reacts to that. i can't stomach licorace (however one spells it) even though i love the smell (arn't i contradictory!). anything spicy. eggs...
  •  I freaking LOVE pickles, I've gotten a few jars for Xmas, even.
    Cinnamon makes me sick, though.
  • Oddly enough for me I don't think I could live without fruit, specifically apples, pears, and nectarines.  I did the Atkins diet for a about a year when I was younger.  I lost a ton of weight but I was so miserable - not because I had to give up processed carbs (ie bread, sugar, pasta, etc) but because there was a very limited amount of fruit I could eat.  And that just didn't fly.  In the end I ended up cheating and eating other sweets when in fact the craving was simply for fresh fruit.  Nowadays when dieting I still cut out the processed carbs, but I don't worry about the "natural" ones in fruits and veggies.  I'm happier and the weight still comes off.

    As far as foods I can not stomach?  Well, I'm allergic to coconut so that's a huge no-go.  But two things that come to mind immediately are lamb and veal.  I just can't tolerate even the smell.  BLUCK. 
  •  Dude I could not live without pizza and I could not stomach vegetables or mayo or mustard >.< unless they are spinach and lettuce.
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