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Earth Vacation

If you were an alien and came to Earth, what would you tell the folks back home about the planet, its people, etc?

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  • Klaatu Barada Nikto.
  • Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • WORST. VACATION. EVER. Those people are insane! If we weren't pacifists, I'd say blow them up and have done with it before they leak out into the rest of the galaxy! Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • I'd tell the peeps to form a Peace Corp and come to our aid. We have space ships; they can't even feed themselves. And their architecture is just plain weird. Also, bring your camera.
  • "DO NOT GO IN THERE! They have all lost their minds! Upon seeing someone like us, they either want to kill us, talk to us, or have sex with us! I can't even be sure the talkers would not try to rape us...They looked desperate!" (This is if the race of beings I belong to are super intelligent.) "GUYS! FOLLOW ME! THEY HAVE BEER AND MIDGETS!" (This is the opposite of the former answer) I am going to leave my answers as such. Because if I indeed vacationed to Earth... these are the only two ways Icould respond.
  • Those humans are morons. Let's invade and take over the place! Dibs on the women! LOL!
  • о ппц я бы рассказал наверняка про все то плохое что есть в людях рассказал бы что очень удивляюсь как они просыпаються утром и начинают делать кучу ненужных глупостей, наверно даже не замечая а по программе вместо того что бы жить рассказал бы как они стремяться показать один другому чтото на сколько они "круты" и так далее. Но ведь отражение в зеркале все тоже а еще сказал бы.... что мне их немного жаль....
  • It's like watching reruns on their television sets. Despite what they learn about their own history, they just keep doing the same stupid things over and over. By the way, you guys ABSOLUTELY NEED to try this earth thing called peanut butter...
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