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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So take a picture of something around you (in your home, office, outside -- it doesn't matter) and post it for others to enjoy. Why did you choose the shot you did? What would you most like to photograph in person that you've never had the chance to do (a specific location, painting, person, etc)?

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  • Usually its because it’s a clear shot of the area where I live. The beach or surrounding area. I'm having problem's with Windows 10 and Live Journal and the complicated way it uploads. Actually I'm too lazy to figure it out.. I'll know when its time..
  • 12309477_1124036037627384_3289012358445734722_o.jpg

    This is the key to the place where I live right now. I was given to me a little over a month ago by my friend Belinda. It has changed my life in more ways than one. It means a lot to me. It represents the journey I've made since I started writing here a few years ago from an insecure young adult living at his parents' to a less insecure 30 years old living on the other side of the world. It reminds me to be thankful for the blessings I have had, and thankful for the friends I have now. The one thing I would love to photograph would probably be a whale, while scuba diving. Ever since I started scuba diving in 2012, it has been my absolute dream to see this noble animal with my own eyes, and to bring back a picture to share with my family and friends. But right now, I'm happy to share the pictures I take of my life here in Australia with my friends back in Europe.

  • Photography used to be a joy. I have some nice pics of Yellowstone and Alaska, of sunsets and dolphins, but when my last 35mm died, I just didn't replace it with anything. Here's a crappy phone pic.
  • Normally, my work desk has my Tenth Doctor Funko Pop figure in front of the TARDIS by my monitor, with my other Pop figures (five of them) on the bookcase nearby. However, with certain news from yesterday, I gave him a very special companion.

  • My younger sibling got me this guitar, which I have wanted for years, for my birthday. Specifically, they saved up $500 from their first job to get me a Guitar Center giftcard so I could get it. They said they wanted to pay me back for always doing my best to take care of them through their struggles. Modeling with my new guitar is my cat. My favorite professor rescued this cat from the street, but as she has two dogs that don't take kindly to him, he's now a member of my family. My professor and I work together to take care of him, and when I graduate college, I'll take full responsibility for him. This photo encompasses my feelings of contentment and happiness today. I've been struggling with depression and anxiety after a lot of hardships, but today I feel invigorated, rejuvenated, and courageous.
  • Here's a mug on my cubicle desk. I decided to use it so a pun could be made on 'ducky' as in "my mug thinks things are ducky" but you are free to employ the pun as you wish. FullSizeRender.jpg I don't know what I'd like to most photograph in person, though.