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What's the one job you could never see yourself doing (regardless of whether it's much of a possibility that you'd ever have to)? Why is it so loathsome to you? What's the worst job you've actually had?

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  • Disclaimer: I don't look down on anyone for having a job I wouldn't personally want. I could not picture myself ever working as a telemarketer. Mainly because phones give me major anxiety. Nor do I ever want to be chained to a desk, with a headset on and spend my days basically disturbing people. Let's be honest here, no one likes it when telemarketers call. I'm currently holding a job I never thought I would have: I work as a cleaner in an office building. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive.
  • I could never go back to a real job after being retired for so long. I volunteer to help now. The worst job? Picking up the trash a fledgling airport, now a major International airport. Hey, I had three kids that I had to feed. It wasn't all that bad.. It was a stepping stone job.. It was around the time when deposit cans were worth a nickel. It was worth it..
  • I would never ever in a million years work at a fast food outlet! I already made that mistake once, when I worked at Mcdonalds. The managers treat you like a slave, and if someone uses your till while you are on your break, you can be accused of stealing money from your till. It happened to me at least three times, all of those were proven that I was innocent, and the person, who had used my till, was guilty. Also the stress is very high. You are constantly racing to fill orders, watching out for managers who hate you, and are trying to make you miserable, and running out of change is a real bitch!
  • I could not be a politician, a lawyer, nor a used car saleman! I see no reason to lie, ever. If you can't find a diplomatic way of stating the truth, than keep your trap shut! The worst job I ever had was as a salesclerk for a dishonest shop owner. His assistant manager and I conspired to return merchandise to a customer he stole from, and then together, we quit. All work is honorable, unless one is in the business to defraud people.
  • Anything involving killing a human or animal or any lab work that tests on animals. Nothing remotely cruel.
  • I could never be a veterinarian. As much as I wish to help animals, I am not sure I have the fortitude to do some of the dreadful things that they have to do from time to time. As for worse job, I did voluntary (I guess that is a job) to be a art class model for a week at my university. It totally suck trying to stay in one pose for hours on and off. I joke with my friend about who dared me to do it now, but back then it was living hell, and for person with self-worth issues, I am not sure how I managed it.
  • The worst job I ever actually had? It was the four-day stint I spent working on an incoming trading floor at an international investment bank when I first moved to Sydney. This sort of work is so rigid, so fast-paced, with zero room for error. If you fuck up, you could be responsible for someone or some company losing vast sums of money. I am just NOT the right kind of person to work in such a place. It was a temporary job to begin with, but after two or three days I actually idly fantasized about slitting my own wrists instead of going to work. Fortunately for everyone involved, on the fourth day they realized that they needed someone permanent in that position ASAP and they let me go home with a full week's pay. With that paycheck I was able to open up my own bank account, so at least it wasn't a total loss. I would rather clean houses and scrub toilets for a living. Have done so, in fact, on more than one occasion. Would take that over working in a bank ANY FUCKING DAY OF THE WEEK.
  • One is being a doctor. I don't like helping people. I would rather do other things. I think the worst job I ever had waws working in a place for handicapped people, as well as a recycling center. #elliotrodger
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