Writer's Block


Have you or will you buy tickets for tonight's Powerball drawing (currently estimated at $475 million for the jackpot)? What's the first thing you'd do if you checked your numbers and saw that you'd hit "the big one"?

Answers (7)

  • No, I don't plan to buy it, since it is bullshit. If I did? I'd try to get things I wasn't able to get started happening, and then spend the rest hittig the Nevada brothels and getting laid as much as I can. Hey, I love those places. After that, maybe have a trust fund for my niece.
  • I did not even know there was a powerball lottery this evening. I only play the lottery once in awhile, I am not a big gambler in that way. Games and wagers is how I like take a gamble, where I feel I have some control of my my fate.
  • I don't typically buy lottery tickets. I figure, in practical terms, the odds of me buying a ticket and it winning, and the odds of a winning ticket accidentally blowing into my window without me buying it, are functionally identical.
  • I don't play the Lottery over here... I stopped when I found out that they raised the ticket prices, but lowered the punter's opportunity to win... That's just taking advantage! If I had money burning a hole in my pocket and I was passing a newsagents, then maybe... but forget about the idea of playing every week, I'm not a slave to that kind of racket! My family still play though, as far as I know - so hopefully they'd cut me in... Haha. :-) I wouldn't do anything special, I don't think - just enjoy partying even more than I already do, and spoil the people I love...
  • I'm not planning on buying a ticket. I've never bought one before. If I were to buy a ticket and learned my ticket were the winning one, I might try to lay down somewhere and collect myself, as my heart would likely be racing.