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If you had to describe yourself to others in just one word, which word would you choose? Why would you choose that one -- do you think it's the same word others would choose to describe you?

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  • Helpful- I like to help others, especially if they are lost, or hurting. I don't know why I'm like that, I just am. My job is delivering a local newspaper. I like to help out my neighbours, and twice I found and reported a broken water main on my paper route. My neighbours appreciate my service and help, and show it by leaving me cards of thanks, and gifts of baked goods!
  • icon: "Ma'at (a photo of one side of a brass balance scale, with a feather inside the bowl. The background is sky blue. On the bottom of the image, below the photo, is the word "Ma'at")"
    Questioning. My strongest personality trait is curiosity, but it extends past wanting to know new things in that I also want to unlearn wrong things, and I want to share learning as broadly as possible. It might not be the word people would choose, but the ones who know me best would probably choose a synonym.
  • Unresolved. While I get the impression that I know my hidden feelings and purpose, my inability to act on and embody them seem to suggest that my understandings are superficial, incomplete, or even illusory. It's like my knowledge will never feel real to me until I know all there is, which I'll never be able to do, reintegration with the absolute withholding. For whatever reason or complex of sub/micro-reasons, I haven't been able to resolve myself toward acting in favorable pursuit of what I "know" my reason to be to be. I often feel unsettled and shaky about my understanding, because it feels like once the words no longer come and then retreat back into untapped cold storage, the vague sensation of knowledge dissipates as well. Illusions and simulacra of true, perennial understanding. In contrast, many others demonstrate a comprehension of their feelings and purpose through their movement, without needing to know how everything works. And so, my lack of movement suggests that I'm still missing that realness that's required to earn my humanity, despite my thorough acquisition of soulless detail. I find it hard to know if I'm more than just reflections of substance and synthesis or if I really am a word-spouting mechanism that can only speak of things without understanding things. But I'll just say that I resolve to find out, whether or not it's true. It at least gives some impression of a fighting chance.
  • My self-indetifying word: simple. (I would have chosen old-fasioned, but 1) that is two words, 2) has connotations that are not what I meant, 3) I have only experienced "the golden age" of ANYTHING through stories told by others. I.E. Comics - found a few classics, but not a proper collection, Describing word others choose when thinking of me: Trustworthy Reliable. Seems agreeable enough. No complaints from me.
  • A similar question made the circuit of my Facebook friends yesterday, and it became obvious that one word would not do. No one's life can be reduced to single word. That being said, the word I received was "Prepared".
  • Musical. I chose this word because overall, I'm a very musical person. I'm a musician, I'm obsessed with other musicians, and I'm constantly singing to myself. I don't think it'd be the first word to pop into a friends head. I asked a friend earlier today and her reply was "talented". Another friend said "singsong".
  • Paradoxical is the only word I can think of, and I thought of this questions most of today (it's early evening now). I would say most people would consider me confused or conflicted, but that is only because I think people do not know the inner fight I have. I am pretty private in some ways, and out in others. Frankly I am not sure how others would and do see me.
  • Protective
  • If I had to describe myself in one word it would be the word JOURNEY. This is because I love stories, reading them, creating them and living them myself. Everything is a journey, I am always looking for meaning and understanding. I go off on my own adventures and come back with a new viewpoint of the world, sometimes I even change myself. Not always for the best, but always becoming wiser. Most people would probably use a variation of the word altruistic.
  • I don't know, since I never paid any attention. However they choose to see me is how they see me. I just let them think whatever it is they want. How they see me is up to them. They can see me as a prick, or a nice person. Either way, I don't pay ANY attention.
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