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Childhood Dream

What did you dream to be when you were a kid? Did that dream come true for you? Most kids change their mind many, many times about "what they want to be when they grow up" -- what's the most unusual thing you remember wanting to be?

Answers (20)

  • When I was little I had different ideas of what I wanted to be. I used to dance and ice skate competitively and just for fun so of course, being a little girl that dreams big I wanted to compete in the Olympics or become a world famous skater. Those dreams eventually died out. Then I decided that I wanted to be a musician! I could perform in studios with famous artists or maybe even become a permanent guitarist in a band, but then I thought...what kind of musical artist is deaf. I had lost my voice anyway so I thought maybe it would be too difficult. That died too. However, there was one thing that I always wanted to be growing up, and that was to be just like my mother. Loving, caring, respectful, responsible, stern yet gentle, encouraging, mood-lifting, a good thinker, a wonderful mother, and the best wife she could be given the circumstances she had. I may not be perfectly in line with her, but I do try my best and certainly believe that someday I will follow in her footsteps, and hopefully I will become a mother of many and never loose the love of my children.
  • I always wanted to be a scientist. I don't remember wanting to be anything else. Even from elementary school age, I liked the idea of spending time in a lab doing research and working with test tubes and Bunsen burners. Briefly in high school, I considered what it would be like to study foreign language and become a translator, but I applied to only one college, the Colorado School of Mines, and declared my major to be Chemical Engineering. That's when I began to butt my head against my learning disabilities. I had slept though public school, because the less I concentrated, the easier it was to make the grade. I never took books home; I did all my homework in class. College was a terrible shock. I could no longer simply absorb data; I had to study, and studying confused me. When forced to switch schools and career goals, someone suggested I be tested. Therefore, at the age of 23, I discovered that I had dyslexia. At age 26, I learned what to do about it, and at age 47, I learned that I also had ADHD. If I had been born into the climate of today's educational environment, I might have been labeled and put into special ed, like they wanted to do with my younger child. Instead, I taught her myself and made sure that she knows that employers don't care what she can't do. They want to know what it is that she CAN do. So, I am not a chemical engineer, nor a scientist, nor do I work in a lab. Instead, I cook and teach and research anything and everything that interests me. My child follows in my footsteps.
  • Fireman? I guess.. I turned out to be an Electrician.. A pretty good one at that.. I never had to worry about a job. I have refused jobs. I enjoyed getting laid off. That happened 3 times at other types of jobs. Usually I needed a vacation. Turns out I like selling things so I did that for a while.. I Never had bills or needed money.. I owned and operated an Antique shop for 3 years..Did good at that too..
  • I wanted to be a princess and I am - for my parents and my future husband:) I wanted to be a model (not skinny enough, too short), singer (a terrible voice) and an actress. So who knows:)
  • I can only remember two childhood occupational goals. One was to be a preacher (and i actually did that for a short while) the other was to be a beachcomber somewhere in the South Pacific. I have no idea where this wish came from. I did live near a beach, but nobody made a living off it. The dream never did quite end and, of course, it never came true.
  • When I was a kid I desperately wanted to become a professional chef. I also wanted to be an astronomer for NASA, a forensic scientist, and a meteorologist(okay, a storm chaser). Sadly, none of those dreams came true. Instead, I majored in Journalism and lost my financial aid one semester before my graduation due to "cutbacks". Life goes on.
  • I dreamed to become a robot, or super fast cosmoplane. Earlier, I wasn't be so serious and was happy just to be a train.
  • Cybernetically augmented freelance assassin/problem solver. The first improvement would be my eyes which can perceive far more of the spectrum, including but not limited to infared and ultraviolet. Also I wanted razor blades in my fingertips.
  • A Tomorrow Person! haha! And no I didn't ever become one...Even though I spent many years waiting and hoping for my 'Break Out'.
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