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Birthmarks, rebirthmarks, etc.

What kind of birthmark do you have? How does it look? If you don't have one already, what kind of birthmark would you like to have?

Answers (226)

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  • ..Massive state-like on my butt. D: Both cheeks.

    Tear-like thing on my arm near the elbow.

    & many lunares all over the place xD There's a funny one under my navel. :D

  • I have a birthmark! I believe it's on the mid-far left section of my back. It's quite big and only really shows up in the summer when I've been in the sun long enough to either burn or tan. It looks like someone squirted a ton of sunscreen on that one piece of my back, because it is uneven, 'splotchy' and just random. But anyway, it stays pale white no matter how much I tan or anything, and like I said is only noticeable more so in the summer time!

  •  i have three freckles and a birht mark in the middle of my forehead
  • my birthmark is located on my right arm near my armpit! it looks like a brown teddy bear :)
  • У меня с лева 5 рядом стоящих родинак они состовляют Звезду...
  •  i have a birthmark on my upper right arm,  its a little darker than my regular skin tone and its shaped like a heart.
  • My birthmark is on the palm and back of my left hand. It is pinkish-reddish, splotchy and not completely connected. There's a little splotch almost in the centre of the back of my hand that's about an inch or so away from the spot close to my thumb. On my palm it starts at about my thumb and stops just short of the middle. I get asked what I did if someone doesn't already know that it's my birthmark. I used to call it a strawberry when I was little. The doctors said it would go away, but I'm 22 and it's most definitely still there.
  • One of my birthmarks has a freckle! ..Well, it really does. It's a light tan circle about the size of a dime located on the inside of my left ankle. There's a dark brown freckle off-centered in the middle of my birthmark. I also have a "strawberry" mark in my left wrist. Both have been there my whole life.
  •  I don't know what the definition of 'birthmark' really is, usually the term is used pretty loosely to mean 'something that most people don't have on them that I was born with'.
    In which case that would be my weird pinky-fingers.

    It's a family traite, so still not sure if that counts, but my pinky fingers go straight and normal for the first to knuckles then the last is bent inward so that it fits better around my ring-finger second knuckle then most people's... no one notices until I point it out (which I do randomly because I used to be weirdly self-conscious of it and this is my way of getting rid of that), it's only maybe a ten-fifteen degree angle, but still.

    I'm fine with what I have, I dunno why someone would want a birthmark, unless it was something awesome like something that looked like, I dunno, a purple spider (could be mistaken for a tattoo)... just making stuff up now, I'm done.
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