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What culture (other than your own) do you find most interesting or intriguing? What draws you to this way of living? If you had the opportunity to move to a region where this culture was prevalent, would you do so? Why or why not?

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  • I want to move back in time to around 1930 to the American culture. When there was modesty and simple times. It was when greed wasn't everything. No Walmart's, fast food or beeping cash registers and when holding a door for someone got you a smile and thank you. When family's ate together at a certain time and Christmas meant going to Grandmas for dinner. When the only time off from school was when you were sick or it was Summer.. These days we are living in a drug sick society and I don't see anything promising in any culture. They are all going down the drain…
  • Japan - I'm guessing that would be a popular answer, but I like the language, was learning it for a while, and the people have a British sense of decorum, politeness and self-effacing nature. I like the culture - not so much Manga although I love Studio Ghibli, but the sense of beauty, the old paintings, the hyperreality of Tokyo. Contradictions of modern and old, contrasts in public/private, even sometimes gender roles (well as we see them in the West). And they are pagan mostly, which is cool. And yes I'd move there in a heartbeat. And Ancient Greece - I noticed some people's entries travelled in time. I'd love those times and that culture...less happier with it if I was a woman (Ancient Greeks didn't treat women at all well), but I do feel the ancient world would fit me better than the current one? Graeco-Roman, or before, or Celt. Or Victorian times, but I fear that class would play a big part of whether I enjoyed that - in London, 1880's-90's.
  • I enjoy a mix of cultures so my dream places have a variety New York and London are great choices for that but my own New Mexico has some mix (Spanish, Mexican, Native American and various "white" cultures). I love the diversity of them all and anywhere that allows free access is ideal to me.
  • Modern-ish? Japanese Culture has always intrigued me, largely for their regard toward friends and family over their own needs. The 'traditional' layout of a home always having emphasis on the Common/Entertaining areas and small bedrooms. Larger 'personal' space being the encroaching influence of Western Cultures. Historically? Ancient Rome/Egypt were always hard points for me in my studies in school. Their cultures, namely their belief systems, were a large influence on me in my youth which I feel still permeates who I am today.
  • I have always been interested in the culture of Cuba, partially drawn from my own political leanings. My three visits to the country were very educational for myself. Admittedly I did do less cultural investigations on my second visit which also resulted in a loss of a camera. I kept myself busy on trips one and three, ventured out to some of the villages etc. What struck me was despite the adverse poverty of the people, everyone seemed very cheerful and friendly. I suppose when you have diddly squat, the little things count. Had I had the chance I would like to have visited Russia during the cold war, but being born in the 1980s this never was a possibility. I would still like to visit Russia and learn the language too... as the Doctor said "Travel broadens the mind."
  • Many people assume that because I appear to be 'white', that my 'culture' is that of the typical Anglo-Saxon descent. I am not Anglo-Saxon. The only relation I have to that culture is that my second language was English. I understand typical American culture and grew up with aspects of typical American culture, my lifestyle is closer to typical Mexican culture than to most other Americans of non-Mexican descent. The only bread I eat are corn tortillas. I have barbacoa for breakfast. Everywhere I look, I can read signs and billboards in Spanish. From my childhood in the 1960s, I have watched Spanish language television broadcast from an American city. Most of my life, I have lived within 200 miles of the border, but sometimes, it's hard to tell that I live in the United States of America and not the United States of Mexico. I don't resent it; it simply is the way it is. People in other parts of the country seem to be horrified that what I have known for almost sixty years is catching up with them. The culture that intrigues me is from the past. Is Viking culture still alive and well? Some parts of it are. I have a friend from Scandinavia who reflects Viking work ethic and ignores and overcomes physical roadblocks with stoicism and determination. If I could, I would visit an ancient Viking settlement because their way of life fascinates me. Eskimo and Aleut are also hard-working cultures I'd like to visit. Much of Eskimo and Aleut cultures may still exist in remote areas. For a few years, I lived in Alaska. I knew some folks who lived on Subsistence, (traditional hunting and fishing), but never had the chance to visit the villages.
  • None. I like what I have, and that is enough for me.
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