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What sites online do you spend the most time visiting in a day (for personal use, not business)? Do you find it easy or hard to limit the amount of time you spend "surfing"? What's your favorite place to hang out? What site do you like the least that lots of your friends use?

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  • What sites online do you spend the most time visiting in a day (for personal use, not business)? I think that would be livejournal then facebook. Reading the friend's list takes most of the time, then checking the comments and replying to messages. That's why it takes me more than an hour to get off this site. Facebook takes time mainly for the many updates in the homepage, otherwise, my list there don't really update much, it's the fan pages that I'm reading from. Do you find it easy or hard to limit the amount of time you spend "surfing"? For facebook, yes. It's easy. All I have to do is unlike some pages that don't entertain me anymore. But for livejournal, it could be a bit difficult since the reason is the long list that I have to read. Limiting here will be more like ignoring from my side. I could do that with the communites I follow, but for the friend's list, no. What's your favorite place to hand out? Beside these two, I'm also on Instagram, twitter & DeviantART. Just posting stuff without any interactions. I like it that way, it's like a memory place for me. I don't know if youtube counts since it's only watching, but I do like to go there for relaxations, motivations & inspiration. My favorite one would be livejournal. What site do you like the least that lots of your friends use? Umm, Tumblr. Beside the porn thing, I don't like the (no-commets) system they have there. I know I said I use other sites without interactions, but this one is a blog kinda place where comments are part of it. So, that didn't interest me very much. Also, snapchat. I know it's not a site, but almost everyone are using it today. I didn't dig it cause it's gets deleted after 24 hours and you have to watch it right away. I like taking my time in watching stuff, so this one doesn't suit me.
  • I call my on-line activity a hobby.. I don't have a TV or a land-line phone. I have 2 lap top computers and I am trying to create new ways of connecting to WI-Fi with out going through a corrupt over priced cable company. There are a few possible solutions. I'm working on that.. Having said all that did you know the Internet is suppose to be free to everyone? My location is an issue but my Cell phone service allows tethering.. Working on that also.. Its not that expensive.. There are other ways and I will find a way... You can bet on that.. Never give up you can beat them...
  • I don't usually have a hard time monitoring the amount of time I spend online. There are sites I never want to get involved with, FaceBook being one of them, because I don't actually enjoy being online too much. Personally, some of the sites I spend the most time on are: 1. Tumblr. All my fandom cravings get fulfilled here. Along with minor news things. Also a place I've had good debates of opinion... (It does happen rarely!) 2. Instagram. Photos. What more need I say??? 3. Here. My brain barfs up here mainly. This is where I post my things. Mwahahahah. 4. Last, but not least, YouTube! I also get my fill of fandom from here, but funny enough, when I was younger, this is where I learned that being Queer is Okay. And that there is nothing wrong with me.
  • I can be mostly found on here, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I'll occasionally spend some time on Prosebox and Bloopdiary. LJ is my main on-line home. =^u^= Do you find it easy or hard to limit the amount of time you spend "surfing"? HARD. My Gods, how it keeps me awake at night. I absolutely love spending time on the sites I love and surfing the web. It would never get so bad that I'll miss out on important stuff, RL plans or work. . but it's just what I love to do when I'm home, chillaxing, and I find it rather difficult to break away from the internet when sleep calls. LJ and YouTube are the main culprits, but I'm not complaining here. Ha hah. What's your favorite place to hang out? I'm assuming on-line, yes? That would be. . . LJ, Facebook and Twitter. These are the sites I interact with others the most. What site do you like the least that lots of your friends use? Twitter fucking irritates me because of the character limit and all the shit that goes down. I've had so many problems with stalkers and fucking idiots on there in the past; the easy thing on Twitter is that they can just create a new "anonymous" account and bother you with that. So, that's pretty fucking annoying. I swear I have over a thousand accounts blocked. I have had that account for quite a few years, though. I've been RPing on Twitter for years, and my account is known for being rather blunt, if not offensive at times. I pretty much tweet my mind. Whatever. When I'm in the mood, I'm in the mood. As for RP, I mostly stick with silly RPs these days- my muse got flushed down the toilet, lol- and the occasional serious SL. I guess I've distanced myself a little from RP and am a little lost in that "world" as I find more enjoyment in writing, reading journals, and interacting with people on here. I confess that LJ has taken over all my social networks. DAMN YOU, LJ! ♥
  • I'm on Twitter most of the time but not continuously for hours. You can do just about everything on Twitter, especially I can rant whatever and nobody will care, which is very convenient. Favourite places would be anywhere I can read news and watch entertainments. And I just not too fond of Instagram even though I have one and people seems to love it the most. I don't post photo/video everyday.
  • I guess it depends on the day. On Monday, I'm usually catching up on LJ. Some days I get sucked into FB. If I have a lot of email, it might be Yahoo or Gmail. If it's the weekend, it might be NetFlix or Hulu. And I spend an awful lot of time on Flight Rising. If I have time to read, it might be AO3 or FFN. I try not to go to Tumblr or Twitter, because they are true timesucks that I feel the need to stay on until I get to where I left off, which would leave me old and grey.
  • Oh PLEASE, LJ. Next you'll be asking if the new background makes you look fat.
  • Well, as far as the sites I visit the most, it depends on the day of the week, or if I get an email saying network request, or a compliment. Do I find it hard? Not really, since it beats doing alot of other things. What site do I like the least? Twitter and Facebook. (Avoid people from Santa Barbara and Isla Vista)
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