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The Best Thing You've Done

If you were to die now, at this moment, what would you think of as the best thing you've ever done in your life?

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  • Fight to make my marriage work with the distance between it, he was on the other side of the country and now we are both together and we have a beautiful baby girl
  • Hmm, i'd have to say saving my bestest friend, seth's life. he was sexually abused by his father for 3 years and he was going to kill himself. i was working for the UCF behavioral center as a student consular, and i consulled him back into stability. 

  • read band slash is the second but i have no idea whats the first ill come back onece i have a better answer

  • Just always being there for my friends and family and showing the world the magic stories create and people with autism ARE NOT stupid or retarded.
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  • Realize why i am here, why i went through what i did to get here and how it helped this worlds society transistion into the next. 
  •  My answer is so cliche, I know... but the best thing I've done in my life is becoming a mother.  I never liked children.  They weren't in my "plan"... at least not for a while.  When I became pregnant with Brooke, I think I actually got a little depressed. I felt like my life was over and that I had limited my future.  I felt forced into a situation and it really upset me.  Looking back, this turned out to be the best thing that could have happened, and it is directly responsible for everything that I love about my life.  

    If it weren't for getting pregnant, I seriously doubt that Jon and I would have made it this long.  After 2 years, we weren't doing well in our on-again/off-again "relationship."  When I found out that I was pregnant, I didn't know what to do.  I honestly thought that if I had the baby, that I would be doing it alone... I kind of wanted it that way.  Although I do believe in abortion, it just didn't feel right for me.  But I didn't want to raise a child in the relationship that we had been having.  We decided to give us a real shot and try to make it work for the baby.  The pressure was on and the pregnancy was long.  My family was upset that Jon and I weren't married.  I tried to convince them that everything would be okay, but truthfully I didn't know if we would make it.  Then she came.  She was so beautiful.  Jon and I were both in tears and at that moment any doubts I'd had about becoming a mother vanished.  Everything just came so natural.  

    The beginning was hard.  We had just began to adjust to living together and then she came and completely threw everything off.  I don't remember the day things started changing, but they did.  My doubts about Jon started to fade as I watched him with her.  He was such a great dad.  Our love for her bonded us and as she began to grow we became a real family.  He proposed to me when she was 6 months and I knew that I was ready to marry him.  Our wedding plans were pushed very far forward when we found out that we had quickly become pregnant again.  I was scared again.  At that point, I knew that I LOVED being a mother more than anything else, but I didn't know if I was ready to share the love!  

    But now, here we are.  We had our little Braden almost two months ago.  Just like Brooke, I can't imagine not having him!!! I love them both so much, it's a love that I could never describe.  It's a warm feeling when Brooklynn smiles so big and I can see all of her pretty teeth, or when Braden smiles that crooked little grin.  They make me want to do so much with my life so that I can give them the most that life has to offer.  They are the reason that I push myself in school.  They are the reason that try to be the best person I can and surround myself with good people.  They make me sooooo happy and I love them with all my heart!
  • probally living through my lord and being with friends and family
  • There are actually 2 things...the 1st one is move to NC and live on my own terms....I had a blast and met my best friend.  The 2nd thing is given birth to my beautiful daughter.
  •  If I were to die right now, the best thing in my life that I've done is just living life in general, never giving up on anything, loving all of my family and friends and cherishing each moment with them, never loosing hope, always living life like there's no tomorrow because tomorrow is not always promised, never trying to waste a day, and just being myself.
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