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How important are the opinions of other people to you? Do you actively try to find out what others think of you? Whose opinion do you value the most?

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  • I won't lie, I want people to like me but if they don't that's alright I can live with that. I love myself no matter what but it's nice to know there are people that like me for who I am. And that's it, I'm not pretending I'm something else than what I am just for other people to like me, I can't do this. I am always me. Me proud me.
  • It is very important to some extent because depending on how much the person interacts with me, it gives me a picture of how they see me in their eyes when I'm around them and what impression i have instilled in them as I spend time with them whether they are a friend, a classmate, a partner in a relationship, or a family member. It helps me adjust what they might point out negative about me, and it helps me build my character to a more amicable one. However, some opinions of people out there are mere assumptions of my character and they don't exactly know me but they judge from afar which kind of makes it seem a less accurate depiction of me, whether it be good or bad. It's the one I value the least, especially when it's a negative opinion about me and I have not gotten the chance to get to know that person well enough to even give a say about them.
  • In the past I have said to please confront me with any issues you may have. If I have said something or wrote something sarcastic and a few people have told me I have. Its usually a misunderstanding that can be corrected.. Holding on to a resentment especially a mistaken one can be devastating when you find out later. I value and treasure anyone who corrects me because it helps me grow....
  • I like to say it depends... but I know a lot of times I care too much of people's opinion. I've learned to 65% of the time to stop caring; but when it comes to working environment and my boss(es) are telling me something about me that hurts and can't see I have potential. Certain people after awhile I will learn to avoid the people who will hurt me on finding out their opinion on me; but it's more important to hear from the people who are honest to me and that I'm close to.
  • {1] I have changed how I react to the opinions of others people since I have lived in California. [2] No [3} My wife, her mother and my grandfather when I can reach him via email (in England). This helped. Thank you, somebody A A Chetwyn
  • even if I do not want it but most of my problems stem from what other people (strangers) might think of me and thus holding myself back in my choices and actions, it's not so much that I want them to like me but more that I want to be accepted by them, but lately I realize more and more that my own opinion of myself should be above everyone else's and I really hope that I get to a point where I really think that way :)
  • I used to care a LOT about what people thought of me, but with each decade, I care less and less. I still get a bit crestfallen if people find me offputting, but learning to not give a c**p.
  • I think this is a very important answer. A lot of people strive for being liked by as many people as possible... seeing that they cannot have 'too many friends'. But in all actuality, we all realize at one time that we need to be true to ourselves, and to be happy with who we are. If we ever start doing things.. just to be liked by others, then well... I'd say their opinion is just that.
  • The opinions of others are moderately important to me. I want to be liked, but I also don't really care if others don't like my ideas.
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