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The Big One

What is your biggest, most ambitious goal in life (that you truly plan on fulfilling)? What are you doing to accomplish this goal?

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  • Living a balanced and happy life. My personal life to be in equilibrium with my professional. :)
  • ? => Thanks for the prompt. I do not think in terms of the biggest, the best else other absolute narrative(s). Your question has made me stop an think. Thanks.
  • One day I want to become a professional writer. It is damn ambitious because trying to get paid for writing is very hard. Currently submitting short stories and trying to get published.
  • I'm not the most ambitious person; I don't make even make new year's resolutions, the only thing that would be ambitious would be when i attended university in Manchester (I'm from Northern Ireland) and it was only for a year though so... Because i'm not the most ambitious, I would love to emigrate to America. It's always been a dream of mine to go to America be the cliche and see Hollywood. At the moment I'm about 11 months away from achieving this goal. I'm currently working and my contract ends next year and I plan on using the money that I've saved to achieve my goal.
  • Man, I don't know... I've already done and accomplished a lot. Sometimes I try to be humble and shrug everything off, but that's not being fair to myself. We live in a "what have you done for me lately" society, and it seems like what you've done yesterday doesn't matter. I've earned my degree. I've served my country with honor. I've deployed to a war zone and came back. I'm one class from a Master's degree. I've made it a habit to donate blood and save lives. All very admirable goals, and ones that I've done. Does "get married and have a family" count as an ambitious goal? Sure, I have a long Life List, and I want to travel the world, build up a personal library, do silly things, jump out of airplanes, be financially stable. But getting married, having that responsibility, doing what I can to make someone special feel happy every single day, being responsible for someone other than myself, sharing my life and my dreams and my vulnerabilities.... Seems like a pretty big goal to me. As for what I've been doing to accomplish this? Well, does being told that I'm only good enough to be "just a friend" count? Or does being abandoned by someone you're in love with count? It's like I take one step forward, and then take two steps back. It's awful frustrating sometimes. So that's my big goal.
  • I am a farmer and my biggest goal is to some day have an indoor aquaponic farm that is accessible to those with disabilities. I believe agriculture is such a rewarding field to work in, but it isn't realistic for someone in a wheel chair to work out in a dirt field. I'd like to be able to give anyone a chance who want to work in the industry, but especially if they wouldn't normally be able to otherwise.
  • I want to be a published writer when I grow up. I can still be growing up at 40, right? I have four novels (three of which are a trilogy) in various stages of completion and a raging case of writer's block on all four of them. Writing long, multi-chaptered stories does not come easily to me. I'm much more of a slice of life writer, but I'm working through my issues. My current writing project is helping me with that. It's daunting as hell, but also very satisfying.
  • I been pretty happy what I have accomplished so far in my life, and to be honest, I try not to set up too many goals. The reason for that is, while I believe it good have something to look forward to, I do not want to be lock in a certain path, focused on just one thing. I feel life is about experiencing many different things, spread yourself out and try many smaller goals. It may make me come off a bit like a slacker, but I seen too many of my friends feeling they are failing in life if they do not achieve their lofty goals, and I do not want to be trapped like that.
  • my biggest and most ambitious goal is to make my blog http://www.premiergist.com appear on googles number one page
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