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What were your best memories of this summer?

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  • My summer was actually pretty blah, and ripe with small disasters that put strains on my personal life. I had a pretty good time when my family went off to Båstad for half a week and left me home alone to fend for myself and the dogs, but I doubt that's something I'm going to remember for very long. Kind of sad, when you think of it. This was most likely the last summer break of my life, and that's how I'll likely remember it, but there wasn't much memorable about it. I got my Japanese PSTwo, finally, and I started seriously getting back into drawing, and I worked on some pretty sweet (imo) writing, but none of it is likely to get connected to The Summer of '08 in my mind, I imagine. Maybe I'll connect getting my driver's license to the summer. I only got it last week, but I worked hard on it all summer. We'll see what life brings. -Alexandra
  • А у нас лето не кончается. Оно нудно, постоянно, и никуда от него не деться. Вот чего нам чуть-чуть в Южной Флориде не хватает так это снега.
  • My husband and I went to Gatlinburg for a friends wedding. We rented a cabin at the top of a mountain and left all the kids at home. ...lol. We shopped, went to a few Ripley museums and hung out at the cabin. It was great to get away because we haven't been anywhere alone in over 6 years. We really needed it.
  • I don't want to remember this summer.
  •  Puerto Rico

    Hanging With Danielle and Sean

    The parties at drew's house

    Hanging with Krista and Lilly

    Rohoboth Beach


    Swimming in Krista's pool 

    Zachie's birthday party

    hanging with Carmen, Ryan, Ryan Etc.


    The Wedding

  • Probably Spain... And hanging out with Kate and Valerie!!! I miss not seeing either of them every day at school anymore... The Spain trip was with my school and it was my second time to that country... But it was SO much fun! I especially loved San Sebastion, the Valley of the Fallen, Salamanca, and Toledo... Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, and the Alhambra were pretty cool too... ^___~
  • This summer has been one of the best I've had so far. :D First off, I volunteered at my local church by helping create and set up the decorations for the entire church.  Our theme this year was the Old Wild West, and we had several scenes, including a ghost town,  a ranch, and a stationwagon (for class photos).  I also did a few various tasks, including serving in the kitchen some snacks, group leader for a preschool group, and music accompanist for when the kids performed at a Sunday church service.  I was basically a "slave" who could step in and help out whatever is needed taken care of.  :P I was also had a summer job as a day camp counselor for the same church.  Those five weeks were a lot of fun. ^^ Every weekday, there was a Bible lesson, an activity that may be associated with the lesson, gym, art, lunch with a movie, and a field trip.  Every day, we went on different field trips, including swimming, museum tours, and plays. The kids really liked going swimming. :P I also was in a community theatre production of "Seven Brothers for Seven Brothers."  I played Frank (short for Frankincense), one of the brothers.  I had so much fun. :D In the past, I've had parts that were in an ensemble or chorus, but not this time.  I feel glad that I got a bigger role. ^^ I also found the time to write a very short version of a short novel I might write someday, :) I showed it to many of my friends online, and they really liked it. :D Yes, this is one of the best summers I ever had. :)
  • My best Memories of this summer well this was the first sumer in 5 years that my friends actually invited me places but it was amazing excpecialy in june and july well i was allways with my friends at those times i was either with Miah and Jake or Jordan,Spencer,Amber,and Kody. i met Jordan that summer he was over at Spencers one time i went over hes so amazing. ok this one time Jordan,Spencer,Kody,Hannah,Kevin,Jenessa,and me were at Green lake and well Kevin noticed i dident go in much so he decided he was going to through me in so him and Kody throw me in but then i dident come up for a while cause i had my shoes on and i really cant swim to well either so Kevin came in and saved me i was shaking really bad they felt so bad but eh i dient care just as long they dont do it again. Then this other time i was Hanging with Miah and Jake and we went over to Sarahs and she had paintball guns and i got the great idea to ask Miah if hed shoot me with it while someone records it on camera we did get it on camera it was amzazing cause pain doesent bother me it feels good ha im so hardcore.
  •  My best memories of this summer would be... my graduation party the day after I graduated from College. My grandma was there as well as my cousin that I haven't seen for a few years and her kids. It was great to have that family part of my graduation even my other family as well. Also, my boyfriend was there so it was extra special. Though after that would be moving to Idaho with my b/f where I currently am now. It's great despite the spats like any other relationship rocky at first you know.... Anyways that's my best summer moment.
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