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What is your most essential household appliance? How difficult would it be for you to live without it? What's one gadget or appliance you'd love to have but don't?

Answers (22)

  • Essential household appliance? Maybe the kettle? I'd be pretty lost if I couldn't make a cup of tea every day. I'd love to have a waffle maker! Or one of those Dutch pancake devices where you can make dozens of tiny pancakes all at the same time. Now that would be pretty neat.
  • micro wave
  • My must have is my kettle, coffee and tea must always be available or I would walk around as a constant zombie. An item I crave is a new toastie maker as my old one is slowly falling apart (not sure if this is cheating as I technically already have one ;) )
  • Hmm. I don't know what's mine, but I bet many people are going to answer "coffee maker" :D
  • I'm assuming this question leaves out major appliances like washing machine, refrigerator and stove (all essential). Of the small appliances, the tea kettle, followed maybe by my little hand blender. It seems to get used more than all the rest. I'm kind of old fashioned and don't bother with the kitchen aid chopper, the blender, or the crock pot very often. I don't even own a coffee machine (though I do have a French press for coffee at work). The one gadget I would like is a new dehydrator, some day, when the current one gives up the ghost (which could be any time now).
  • My coffee cone, which is a device that is so simple that it's elegant. It's the greatest way on earth to make one cup of coffee: put a filter in the cone, add one scoop of coffee, put the coffee cone on a mug, and add hot water from a tea kettle. No need to take apart and clean a whole coffee maker each time, and none of the extreme expense or environmental issues of using a Keurig. Not to mention that coffee makers, Keurig or pot style, are impossible to completely clean, which is gross. Think about it, all the little water lines that you never take apart and stuff. A biofilm grows on the surface inside them, and there isn't really any way to clean them. It's also easy to make iced coffee with one: Fill a large glass with ice, set the cone on top with a filter and coffee, and pour hot water very slowly a little at a time until you have enough coffee in the glass. Add milk and sugar, and you're done. I have four of them, because I don't always get to wash the dishes right away, or in case I have company and need to make more than one cup at a time. Mine is from the Melitta company: https://shoponline.melitta.com/product/Pour-Over-1-cup-brew-cone-black/single-serve-pour-over-coffee-makers
  • Washing machine. Not least of all because the nearest laundrette is 35 minutes uphill from me.
  • My Keurig coffee machine. I MUST have my lattes every morning :)
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