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Total Recall?

Would you rather improve your ability to remember things or to forget things? What event from your past do you wish you could remember more clearly? What's one thing you really, really wish you could just forget?

Answers (20)

  • I wish I could remember things more clearly, definitely try to remember vacations and dates more. Don't want to forget anything..
  • I would never want to be able to remember everything. Sure it is a pain to forget something, but there is more pain I could not escape if I could remember everything.
  • I would rather improve my ability to remember things. I wish I could remember positive events from my childhood more clearly and the names of my teachers who made a positive impact in my life. The one thing I wish I could forget is/or are all the medical traumatic events that happened to me as a child.
  • I rather forget. I have a photographic memory about everything and that sometimes gets me in trouble with my friends and family. Forgetting would allow me to let go of the past and move on to a bright future.
  • I would definitely choose being able to remember things more easily over being able to forget more easily, as i already have intermittent short term memory problems. Sometimes, i just lose stuff—to the point of forgetting entire short conversations. It's a huge problem when reading; instead having occasionally to reread a paragraph, it's usual, and i often just have to give up. ☹
  • I would want to remember all of the events in my life and history that I have learned. I find myself thinking back trying to remember how my birthday parties were spent. Which gifts I like the most, who was there, what kind of cakes were they. I give up for I can't remember them. I know that I never got a chocolate cake which is my favorite. I got chocolate until this last year. My daughter bought it for me. I love her. Many other reasons why I wish I had total recall. I would not have to re-watch movies or shows I like, unless I had to watch them again because they were so good.
  • I think I would much rather improve on my ability to forget. I am a perpetual thinker, and this is both helps and hurts me. On one hand, I am logical, and most of my actions are well thought out and deliberate. On the other hand, I can drive myself to madness by overthinking about the most miniscule of things. I would never give up or damper my ability to think, but I sure believe improving my ability to forget would help me a great deal in my life.
  • I'd prefer to remember more rather than forget. The things we sometimes wish we could are an important lesson and experience in our lives. My MS gives me memory problems, so be able to remember more (as horrible as that sometimes is) would be a help.
  • I would rather improve my ability to forget. There is too much that I want to forget and there are too many needless things that I keep in memory! In my crazy memory...
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